Thursday, November 21, 2013


i am in a thinking mood. and with a number of things that are making me remember things i want to do with my life.

  • mother is my number one dream job - if this doesn't happen, then a few others are
  • create a summer camp 
  • create classroom decorations for upper elementary and secondary school
  • religious teacher - get paid to read and study the scriptures might be cool
  • be an educational consultant and teach professional development courses to teachers about how to love their job, how to create leaders in their students, how to use the project approach
  • be a vice principal and basically "consult" in a school
  • be a professional organizer and decorator

i think i need to keep thinking!


do you ever have times in your life when you have a lot of questions? when you are pondering a lot of things? i appreciate the counsel to prepare for LDS General Conference by listing the questions you would like answers to. unfortunately, the timing of my questions don't always fall in line with General Conference (although i did get my conference talks spiral bound with plastic covers all ready for me to really study - so maybe i'll find answers now!). 

as i have been pondering different things, i realized this morning that there are people who know and love the topics i am pondering. how wonderful that i can simply email and reach out and ask!!

one question i have been wondering about is a phrase a treasured friend uses, "women need women." i love it and agree. and am wondering why? why do women need women? what is it that we long for when we gather? in Clay language, "what is the JOB" we are seeking to fulfill when we gather? are certain gatherings better and more inspiring uplifting? how are they? why? what are gatherings that aren't inspiring and lead us to be better, more holy women?

i also wonder if men need men in a similar way that women need women. i wonder about the value of Time Out for Women and why we don't have a Time Out for Men. why do we have a BYU Women's Conference and there isn't a BYU Men's Conference? do men not need to gather/want to gather like women do? why is that? 

yes, sometimes my mom thinks i should have study some type of sociology . . . 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

summer moments

although i spent a heavenly month in england this summer, i also had some grand moments in utah and new england. i still need to share more about england adventures. but thought i'd post about the other moments first. :)

so fun to literally run into a neighbor in utah and walk all over alpine one morning. we saw brother jones who told us to go visit the camels. okay - no biggie. a typical sight in alpine, utah. :)

one of the greatest parts about being in utah in the summer is swimming at home. night swimming is probably my favorite, but chillin with mom and dad listening to some tunes is pretty much the dream as well!

lake powell with this DOLLY is about as good as life gets!

no matter how much time i spend with these three crazies, i always want more . . . 

a stop in goblin valley with an ode to the best parents ever!

fireworks with the sisters - mary alice will always be an adopted snyder!

"nestled in the corners of the mountains" = alpine = home

no summer in new england is complete without a few runs to kimball's!

remember that day when the Church brought a massive crew to HBS to film Clay for a new commercial? supposedly it's done, but who knows when it will be live. but talk about a legit production! it was one of the largest crews HBS has had!

blessed trip to new jersey to brian's parent's home. they are so nice and let me give thoughts and suggestions about how to design and decorate their home. it's even better that they don't see us as brian's friends, but as their friends too! how we love john and susan! (even though john isn't ever sure about my crazy ideas and how i come and change everything!)

exploring winchester fells. i heart boston. 

the weeks of bdays. brian's is july 20th. linda's is july 31st. mine is august 2nd. thankfully they are still in the mood to party by the time it gets to me. but here was bri's bday - chocolate by the bald man and RED 2 - we all got desserts - we are ridiculous. but decided that we could have made them better!

heading to martha's vineyard!

 the adorable gingerbread row! people really live here!

chillin at the beach. mark is really happy to be here!

love the beautiful random things that make new england charming!

forum reunion! these men spent 1-2 years of their lives working with us at HBS. how i miss them!

linda's bday wish - karaoke and pizza!! 

my bday wish = hiking in vermont. i went alone to see if i could do it. might have gotten lost and hiked for 6 miles instead of the 1.5 i had thought i was doing. thank heaven for answered prayers and miracles! but it was so rewarding to get to hike at my own pace and pause and reflect whenever i wanted. but i learned my lesson. won't be doing it alone for a while . . . 

then traveled down Vermont Route 100 . . magical!

summer walks around spy pond, arlington

sunday picnic and reading at the park - gotta love these people!!

have i mentioned how i love primary? and this girl and her family in particular!! fhe at their home was a sweet blessing. i love being adopted!

cool conference at my cool job

beaching it at the beautiful crane beach. i finally found out why the beach is so dreaming once i went here!

stopping at woodman's for fish and chips and ice cream after crane beach was an added bonus!

date night with bri at fenway - watching Sandlot!

camping with the boys in sharon, vt at the ward camp out. might have stopped in woodstock for pies!!

on the way home, we found this home we all decided we should buy. how we wished we had a reason to buy it and live in the random tiny towns of vermont . . 

blessed moments in new england! how i love the seasons and memories and friends and adventures of my life!