Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ho ho ho, merry Christmas!

here are a few pics of the fam with our matching pjs. don't worry, it's a surprise every year when we open our 24th of december gifts....matching pj's!! we take out annual family picture and then bundle up to tour our little town of alpine (in the car) and look at the luminaries neighbors have set up around their homes. love it!

this is an example of luminaries lining the streets :)

oh, and i got to make the rolls again for Christmas dinner. just call me betty crocker :)

this is me being a serious baker...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

this nativity scene was done by antoine pesne and is hanging in st. petersburg's hermitage. today's Christmas centered lessons and music and thoughts have been fulfilling. last week, in my single's ward, i was invited to speak on Christ being the King. i was the last speaker and the choir sang a song before and after me: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, and Jesus Once Of Humble Birth.
as i thought about kings, i thought about 3 ways one can become a king: born into it, defeat another ruler, be appointed or asked to rule by the people. i thought of earthly kings as i thought of these, but as i applied them to the Savior, i realized how Jesus Christ is truly the King of Kings as He is the Son of the King of the Universe, He has defeated the tyrant ruler of the earth - Satan. the third way, however, is a deeply personal decision. the Savior will not force Himself upon us. He will wait for us to ask Him to be our King, the Govenor of our souls. this is our personal choice. In the Christmas hymn, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, the last verse says something about the earth sing back the song the angels sing. the angels sang the praises to the Newborn King. the angels knew who He is and what He will do and what He will be. I have the opportunity to choose Him as my King and then I too will be able to sing the song the angels sing.
why do we want a king? what does a king do? here is my list of characteristics of great earthly kings:
  • He is in control. He doesn't let his emotions, frustration, and desires control his actions, he controls them.
  • He makes decisions for his people that are the best. He doesn't make decisions for the here and now or the quick and easy, he decides upon things for the greatest effect.
  • He is always striving to improve the lives of his people. He is not content with "fine", he wants the best for them - best foods, best supplies, best opportunities, best relationships, best education, best knowledge. He is okay with the work involved because he understands the power of the outcomes.
  • He knows the his people. He recognizes that a true leader spends his time with his people. He knows their thoughts, their dreams, their desires, their joys, their sorrows, their heartaches, their hurts.
  • He doesn't take any of these things away because he wants a strong people. He knows that as they overcome hard things, they become stronger.
  • He goes to battle for the safety of his people. He strives to build and increase his kingdom to save others from the tyrant rulers. He wants all to enjoy the peace of his kingdom.
These characteristics of earthly kings are then magnified and exemplified in the King of Kings.

He, as stated in the hymn, Jesus Once of Humble Birth, was rejected by His own, forsaken and left alone. 3 Nephi 27:27 says, "what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily, verily be ye even as I am." We are asked by the King of Kings, the Savior of all mankind, to be like Him. It stands to reason then that we will have experiences that will leave us rejected by our own, forsaken and left alone to see and prove Who we follow and in Whom we allow to govern us.

what an honor and a privilege that we get to choose Him to be the King of our lives. He, who is the Good Shepherd, the Rock, and the Lamb of God can be the Ruler of our lives, the Governor of our souls. we get to choose to give Him the gift of our broken heart and covenant to do His will and be molded by His hands.

Wow. how blessed are we?

this is becc and i at halloween...yep, a little late. she is a sophmore at byu and we both came home for the traditional halloween meal - homemade soup in bread bowls that are shaped like pumpkins and applesauce donuts =) YUM!!

becca wore her snow-white costume all day on campus and was frustrated that people gave her funny looks. she wanted to holler, "it's HALLOWEEN!!" but she contained herself and just let us enjoy her stories later that evening.

we tried to take lizzy and her friends around trick or treating, but alas, liz is getting too old and we only stayed with her for a while.

fun times and memories nonetheless.

oh, ps, i was wore a black skirt and black blouse with an orange ribbon around my waist ;)

Monday, December 3, 2007

so i changed the template of this blog for the THIRD time i think! it just wasn't me. i think the saying is true, "third time's a charm!"

it is officially the Christmas season! let me tell you incredible it is to work on temple square right now! the lights go on every evening at 5:30 pm sharp. my office window overlooks the entrance of the salt lake temple, so as i turn around in my chair i can see a large tree made of lights and a number of trees lined with lights on the little bridge that connects the temple to the relief society building. i know that i have already put pictures of temple square on here...but here is one of my favorite!!

work has been fun -ish! there have been 3 secretaries for the relief society. one had her own office connected to sister beck's, and the other 2 of us shared an office. she -the one that i shared with - recently got married and she and her husband live in provo. the commute was getting too long as they realized how little time they have together in the evenings. so, i am doing both the jobs for now. we'll see if i am up to the task. :)

OH and the most exciting of late...shopping at Ann Taylor Loft in park city!! how i love the get -away of park city. it is great because now it is about 25 minutes from work, and about 18 from my house :) they are getting to know me there - good for me, bad when my mom finds out!!

i guess i better get working on the institute lesson for tomorrow. tuesdays sure come fast. and the teacher that i have taught with for the last 5 years is coming! i better make sure it is decent :0

Sunday, November 25, 2007

yep, i made the thanksgiving rolls!

last year (when i was living in the apartment) i was the mia maid advisor in our home ward. i decided to work on my young womanhood recognition award as a leader - if you are a leader for at least a year and do the 3 requirements for each value you can earn it. i worked on cooking for one of the values. two nights a week i made dinners. not sure how much the family loved it, but i discovered a love for cooking. not that my current roommates enjoy anything i make, since i don't cook up there, but they love it there. and i am beginner of beginners and forget techniques, but someday people will love what i do. promise :)
so...here's the proof of the rolls...

cleaning out the apartment :(

my parents decided to rent out the apartment that is attached to our house.
melissa and aaron lived in it for about a while and then i moved in in july of 2006. seeing as i moved out just 8 months later, it was a short, but blessed moment of life. it was my little paradise. so many moments i would realize that i was smiling to myself as i did things around my little apartment. even though i moved out, many of my things - most of them - were still in the apartment. this weekend, it was time to empty. i was sad. a few tears i must admit. renting with roommates just isn't the ideal of life. and boxes in my parents garage isn't the funnest of thoughts. but, alas, what to do but to clean up and clean out for another to enjoy :)

Christmas decorating

now that thanksgiving dinner is gone (yes, i made the rolls-shocker), it's time to put up the Christmas decorations. my dad loved how it looked last year, so we are using the pictures he took as a model...in fact as i am writing this, my mom and becca have been in to look at the pictures to make sure they are placing things in the correct places :)
i am sure that i am not alone in this thought, but i absolutely love coming home at Christmas. i love the feel in the house, i love the love that surrounds all that happens. even when there are arguments or conflicts, the feeling of love permeates. someone told me once that they loved coming to our house for the order and peace they felt. i praise my parents for creating that calculated feeling. i think of Sister Beck's talk often in creating a refuge.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So i am teaching institute. crazy.
a member of a BYU stake presidency called me in august and wanted to talk to me. i went down to orem to meet him and have a "get-to-know-you" session as he called it. before i left, he had offered the class to me. weird.
it's tuesday evenings on BYU campus. it's the New Testament. where do i even begin to list all the things i have learned. college students and working professionals (yep, graduated, working, young single adults who are living in south provo come too) are very different than 6th graders. but it has been interesting to see what teaching techniques are universal, despite the curriculum and age group.
i have been using The New Testament with the Joseph Smith Translation written by Steve and Julie Hite. we have been going through the events of the Savior's life chronologically. A we have done this, we are focusing on the disciples - men and women - who chose to follow the Savior; who they are, what characteristics they have, how to become like them. i have been using power points to show things because i teach in a large lecture room in the eyring science center....so many new skills :)
in january we will cover the last week of the Savior's life and then into the rest of the New Testament. Feel free to ponder thoughts and share with me!! i will give you full credit as i steal them =)

Friday, November 2, 2007

i am loving this blogging thing! who knew that so many people did it?
linds peterson "tagged" me and i think that means i am suppose to write things about my life...
but before i begin, can i tell you about the perfect afternoon yesterday!??
liberty park is gorgeous! i think i have found my perfect walking spot. at byu i would walk around the in door track. true liberty park isn't indoors, and it isn't the greatest of neighborhoods, but i love it! i walked for about and hour and 15 minutes...i have forgotten how i love walking. maybe some day i will get back into the running thing, and the weight lifting thing. but until that day, i will thoroughly love to walk!

this is a fun old postcard of the park - it was created in1883!! wowsers! When i was little, my mom would bring us to liberty park and we would go to the bird aviary. there was some bird that would say, "grand-pa, grand-pa"!! i remember being so excited and we brought grandpa one day so he could hear it!! such tender memories! and here i am 20-something years later, loving the park in a new way!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

i don't know if i can adequately express my passion for the fall season. it is definitely my most favorite time of the year. :)

ps my mom was more than a little disgruntled that my spelling is so bad. she suggested that i re-read things before i publish them. interesting that i have heard that my entire life and it still hasn't sunk in! slowly but surely...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

so i was emailing ann marie - boss, dear friend, roommate, high school friend, etc...--questions about work stuff and randomly through in that i love my job. she then answered my questions and asked me what i love about my job. thus, the following:

"I love my job because I am loving the self-analyzing I get to do daily. I love having the little moments of knowing that I am okay.
I love that I work with women I admire and respect. I love that I work with one of my best/dearest friends. I love that I am learning new skills and more areas to work on--i think.
I love that I get to "dress-up" each day. I love to be with the other secretaries and know them more. I love that I get to be on Temple Square each day of the Autumn and the Winter.
I love my job!"

Cheese-y but so true!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

in my searches of my dad's computer, I found more pictures.
i went on a pioneer trek with my family's home ward. i had been the mia maid advisor for a year and i LOVE them. so to get to be with them for 4 days was a dream ---the idea of walking for 4 days wasn't, but...what do ya do?
in preparation, we had a fireside highlighting a number of stories of pioneers. they became real people with real lives. i was asked to represent a mother of twin babies. these babies were sick on the ship to america. the rule was that sick people were tossed over board in order to save the rest of the passengers. this young mother had to toss her two babies!!!!!!! she prayed that they would die before they had to be tossed. they did. but, the anguish must have been great. i was able to sing a lullaby she might have sung. i was a tender moment for me.
the trek itself was incredible!!! there wasn't ANY complaining, arguing, disobedience, etc. everyone was excited to be there and to participate fully. i walked the entire thing in my chacos - note them in one of the pictures :)
i was also asked to be Miss Fortune. i wore all black and gave each family a misfortune the pioneers might have had along the trails!!! too fun!
a deeply powerful moment for me was getting to teach the women before they had the women's pull. it was an insightful, teaching moment in my life. who knows what all the women and girls gained, but i gained a lot.
if i can find more pictures the trek, i will post them. until then....

Friday, October 19, 2007

so this is my life. this was taken on my b-day aug.2, 2007. it was my first week of work and we had a birthday lunch. sister beck brought a birthday table cloth and sister thompson brought surprises. we laughed and had a wonderful time!
then the fam came up and took a tour of work, brought me flowers, HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, and surprises for my new desk. we went to dinner at bucco de something that was yummy!
it was pretty much a perfect day!!


i am so frustrated with my lack of knowledge of this bloggin thing!!! i don't know the correct vocabulary, i don't have all the cute things melissa has on her, i don't know how to get other people's blog links on...UUGGHH!!!
and melissa, you have to be in texas so you can't show me how to fix things! oh, and i don't know how to download pictures onto my computer - new one!
yep, i am a complainer today! it's friday. what do ya do!?

Thursday, October 18, 2007


howdy. here is my first attempt at keeping up the the technological world. we'll see how i do.
any tips from the blog experts?