Saturday, October 27, 2007

i don't know if i can adequately express my passion for the fall season. it is definitely my most favorite time of the year. :)

ps my mom was more than a little disgruntled that my spelling is so bad. she suggested that i re-read things before i publish them. interesting that i have heard that my entire life and it still hasn't sunk in! slowly but surely...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

so i was emailing ann marie - boss, dear friend, roommate, high school friend, etc...--questions about work stuff and randomly through in that i love my job. she then answered my questions and asked me what i love about my job. thus, the following:

"I love my job because I am loving the self-analyzing I get to do daily. I love having the little moments of knowing that I am okay.
I love that I work with women I admire and respect. I love that I work with one of my best/dearest friends. I love that I am learning new skills and more areas to work on--i think.
I love that I get to "dress-up" each day. I love to be with the other secretaries and know them more. I love that I get to be on Temple Square each day of the Autumn and the Winter.
I love my job!"

Cheese-y but so true!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

in my searches of my dad's computer, I found more pictures.
i went on a pioneer trek with my family's home ward. i had been the mia maid advisor for a year and i LOVE them. so to get to be with them for 4 days was a dream ---the idea of walking for 4 days wasn't, but...what do ya do?
in preparation, we had a fireside highlighting a number of stories of pioneers. they became real people with real lives. i was asked to represent a mother of twin babies. these babies were sick on the ship to america. the rule was that sick people were tossed over board in order to save the rest of the passengers. this young mother had to toss her two babies!!!!!!! she prayed that they would die before they had to be tossed. they did. but, the anguish must have been great. i was able to sing a lullaby she might have sung. i was a tender moment for me.
the trek itself was incredible!!! there wasn't ANY complaining, arguing, disobedience, etc. everyone was excited to be there and to participate fully. i walked the entire thing in my chacos - note them in one of the pictures :)
i was also asked to be Miss Fortune. i wore all black and gave each family a misfortune the pioneers might have had along the trails!!! too fun!
a deeply powerful moment for me was getting to teach the women before they had the women's pull. it was an insightful, teaching moment in my life. who knows what all the women and girls gained, but i gained a lot.
if i can find more pictures the trek, i will post them. until then....

Friday, October 19, 2007

so this is my life. this was taken on my b-day aug.2, 2007. it was my first week of work and we had a birthday lunch. sister beck brought a birthday table cloth and sister thompson brought surprises. we laughed and had a wonderful time!
then the fam came up and took a tour of work, brought me flowers, HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, and surprises for my new desk. we went to dinner at bucco de something that was yummy!
it was pretty much a perfect day!!


i am so frustrated with my lack of knowledge of this bloggin thing!!! i don't know the correct vocabulary, i don't have all the cute things melissa has on her, i don't know how to get other people's blog links on...UUGGHH!!!
and melissa, you have to be in texas so you can't show me how to fix things! oh, and i don't know how to download pictures onto my computer - new one!
yep, i am a complainer today! it's friday. what do ya do!?

Thursday, October 18, 2007


howdy. here is my first attempt at keeping up the the technological world. we'll see how i do.
any tips from the blog experts?