Thursday, October 25, 2007

so i was emailing ann marie - boss, dear friend, roommate, high school friend, etc...--questions about work stuff and randomly through in that i love my job. she then answered my questions and asked me what i love about my job. thus, the following:

"I love my job because I am loving the self-analyzing I get to do daily. I love having the little moments of knowing that I am okay.
I love that I work with women I admire and respect. I love that I work with one of my best/dearest friends. I love that I am learning new skills and more areas to work on--i think.
I love that I get to "dress-up" each day. I love to be with the other secretaries and know them more. I love that I get to be on Temple Square each day of the Autumn and the Winter.
I love my job!"

Cheese-y but so true!

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Anie said...

Boy do I miss working with you though!! OH the good old days at Geneva Elementary!