Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ho ho ho, merry Christmas!

here are a few pics of the fam with our matching pjs. don't worry, it's a surprise every year when we open our 24th of december gifts....matching pj's!! we take out annual family picture and then bundle up to tour our little town of alpine (in the car) and look at the luminaries neighbors have set up around their homes. love it!

this is an example of luminaries lining the streets :)

oh, and i got to make the rolls again for Christmas dinner. just call me betty crocker :)

this is me being a serious baker...


Laura said...

em, Merry Christmas! I love the jammies pic. You look fantastic! I wish we were able to be in Utah over Christmas so I could see you. I hope you can still come in January sometime. Jeff will be gone the week of the 21st. I hope we can work out a time for your visit. I miss you!

bryce & sarah said...

Merry Merry New Year's!! (That's my dual holiday greetings for you) LOVED the matching jammers. That is HILARIOUS! I especially LOVED seeing you last week! You looked great, you ARE great, and I'm sure the rolls were great! Love ya em!