Monday, December 3, 2007

so i changed the template of this blog for the THIRD time i think! it just wasn't me. i think the saying is true, "third time's a charm!"

it is officially the Christmas season! let me tell you incredible it is to work on temple square right now! the lights go on every evening at 5:30 pm sharp. my office window overlooks the entrance of the salt lake temple, so as i turn around in my chair i can see a large tree made of lights and a number of trees lined with lights on the little bridge that connects the temple to the relief society building. i know that i have already put pictures of temple square on here...but here is one of my favorite!!

work has been fun -ish! there have been 3 secretaries for the relief society. one had her own office connected to sister beck's, and the other 2 of us shared an office. she -the one that i shared with - recently got married and she and her husband live in provo. the commute was getting too long as they realized how little time they have together in the evenings. so, i am doing both the jobs for now. we'll see if i am up to the task. :)

OH and the most exciting of at Ann Taylor Loft in park city!! how i love the get -away of park city. it is great because now it is about 25 minutes from work, and about 18 from my house :) they are getting to know me there - good for me, bad when my mom finds out!!

i guess i better get working on the institute lesson for tomorrow. tuesdays sure come fast. and the teacher that i have taught with for the last 5 years is coming! i better make sure it is decent :0


lindsaypeterson said...

I am sad that I missed it last night! I didn't know Shelley was coming! Sorry! I missed you!

Susie said...

Great to see you on blogger, Em! What a fine way to get the nitty-gritty on you! I'll be sure to check often.