Sunday, December 23, 2007

this nativity scene was done by antoine pesne and is hanging in st. petersburg's hermitage. today's Christmas centered lessons and music and thoughts have been fulfilling. last week, in my single's ward, i was invited to speak on Christ being the King. i was the last speaker and the choir sang a song before and after me: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, and Jesus Once Of Humble Birth.
as i thought about kings, i thought about 3 ways one can become a king: born into it, defeat another ruler, be appointed or asked to rule by the people. i thought of earthly kings as i thought of these, but as i applied them to the Savior, i realized how Jesus Christ is truly the King of Kings as He is the Son of the King of the Universe, He has defeated the tyrant ruler of the earth - Satan. the third way, however, is a deeply personal decision. the Savior will not force Himself upon us. He will wait for us to ask Him to be our King, the Govenor of our souls. this is our personal choice. In the Christmas hymn, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, the last verse says something about the earth sing back the song the angels sing. the angels sang the praises to the Newborn King. the angels knew who He is and what He will do and what He will be. I have the opportunity to choose Him as my King and then I too will be able to sing the song the angels sing.
why do we want a king? what does a king do? here is my list of characteristics of great earthly kings:
  • He is in control. He doesn't let his emotions, frustration, and desires control his actions, he controls them.
  • He makes decisions for his people that are the best. He doesn't make decisions for the here and now or the quick and easy, he decides upon things for the greatest effect.
  • He is always striving to improve the lives of his people. He is not content with "fine", he wants the best for them - best foods, best supplies, best opportunities, best relationships, best education, best knowledge. He is okay with the work involved because he understands the power of the outcomes.
  • He knows the his people. He recognizes that a true leader spends his time with his people. He knows their thoughts, their dreams, their desires, their joys, their sorrows, their heartaches, their hurts.
  • He doesn't take any of these things away because he wants a strong people. He knows that as they overcome hard things, they become stronger.
  • He goes to battle for the safety of his people. He strives to build and increase his kingdom to save others from the tyrant rulers. He wants all to enjoy the peace of his kingdom.
These characteristics of earthly kings are then magnified and exemplified in the King of Kings.

He, as stated in the hymn, Jesus Once of Humble Birth, was rejected by His own, forsaken and left alone. 3 Nephi 27:27 says, "what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily, verily be ye even as I am." We are asked by the King of Kings, the Savior of all mankind, to be like Him. It stands to reason then that we will have experiences that will leave us rejected by our own, forsaken and left alone to see and prove Who we follow and in Whom we allow to govern us.

what an honor and a privilege that we get to choose Him to be the King of our lives. He, who is the Good Shepherd, the Rock, and the Lamb of God can be the Ruler of our lives, the Governor of our souls. we get to choose to give Him the gift of our broken heart and covenant to do His will and be molded by His hands.

Wow. how blessed are we?

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So, is your talk copyrighted, or can I use it when I'm asked to give one on the same subject?