Tuesday, January 29, 2008

so i never told the stories of the pageant party! so sorry!

becca and i went to shelley's. her daughter-in-law is the first runner-up to Miss Utah, thus the major excitement of the pageant (it was fun to have her tell us some of the "behind-the-scenes" info. she said that the movie, miss congeniality is pretty close to life!). anyway, this is becca, me and em schroeder.

here we have em, becca, shelley, and the princess...I mean the prince of the evening....DAN!!

when the swimming suit portion of the evening began, dan quickly reached down, opened the side table, and pulled out 3 sets of binoculars!!!!! just as i was ready to make a comment, i realized that the lens caps were purposely left on! :) how we love these men!!

here we have ashley and jake, em's head, and beckah and brian (the pink things is the boys' hands are the voting ballots...love that they were so dedicated to the cause!)

forget Miss Michigan (where in the world did she come from? we were blind-sided with her winning the crown!! what happened to the hours and hours i watched tlc teach the contestants "re-write" what we think of Miss America? i am sure that Miss Michigan is a lovely girl....however...was it just me or did it seem that she exemplified ALL that we have stereotyped the winners to be....not talented and rather un-intelligent....no i was not apart of the interview judges, and i guess i am not suppose to judge someone by a 2 hour tv showing of a pageant, but.....
holler and tell me how quickly i need to repent. i know....sorry Miss Michigan and Miss Michigan supporters...

OH!! the point of my thoughts!!! who cares who really won the scholarship money....dan schroeder is the real winner in our hearts!!

i really liked Miss New Mexico....i was so sad when she was invited to hang-out with clinton :(

get hungry! some of th treats....and the ballots!!

yes, those are disney princess stickers on the bowls of ice cream toppings :) let's just say katie was in her element and thrilled to be will us!

okay, this is a quickie. but i wanted to get the pictures from the pageant party on here today.
things are a bit crazy with institute tonight and President Hinckley's funeral...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

miss america 2008

the last friday night of Christmas break, a few of us snyder girls found ourselves watching the all-time-favorite show...tlc's "what not to wear". yes, dad will go straight to heaven for the hours and hours he puts up with the extreme girl-ish-ness in our house.
don't worry, because as we were loving clinton's reactions to the year's favorite make-overs, we noticed the advertisement for the miss america reality check show!! although exhausted, we found the extra strength to stay up one more hour and watch as miss utah made us proud and made top 3 that night!! needlesstosay, i am enthralled.

tonight is the REAL pageant and i can't wait. not only is shelley having a pageant party (just to counter-act all of dan's denver bronco parties), but i am curious to see if the girls the tlc judges loved are the ones that really win tonight....2 hours and counting!

don't worry, i'll get pictures on here asap.

ps mary jones scoresby please tell me you will be watching! some of my favorite moments were when you and i watched the pageants in your parent's room...such were the days...we pondered where in the world we would be when we were the ancient age of 23...hmm..still wondering where and what in the world i did at 23...
pps here's my shout out to miss utah...i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


at work today, i was downloading pictures from an office camera to get one of the sisters ready for travel. in doing so, i needed to download a program from cannon...and it just happened to be what i needed to download pictures from my personal camera - lucky i know!

thus i found pictures i had totally forgotten about...tim and faith hill concert with becca and the General Relief Society Meeting with mom, becca...and the toone girls. although very, very late here are some sites from life...

(becca, mom, me)

(jenna, emilie, lindsay, momma toone, ann marie)

this is the famous ann marie toone. how i love learning with and of her. it's a miraculous moment of our lives...hitting hard moments and getting to have one another to lean upon. i wanted to be maybe - for a moment - see her eye-to-eye. so i begged her to bend down and i went up on tippy-toes. loved it....until she stood up and reality set back in... me at 5' 8 1/2" and ann marie at 6' 2" :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

i have realized in the last few weeks, a new past-time. a hobby if you will...people's blogs. i love browsing through the entire list of someone's friends. i quickly go through the pictures. i will read the comments - typically only if it is someone who i know to be rather funny or intelligent or random...or someone i know and care about. if a blog doesn't fit into these categories, then i just picture browse. i love looking at people's pictures. that may be so weird, but...so true.

take today for example. i was looking through a photo site and found the guy's blog. browsed through a few of his entries - in which he had a post about reading other's posts :) - and then proceeded to his friends. upon reading his friends, i found a long lost friend of mine...jill newell!!!

this one on the left is jill - i am sure the other girl is great, i just have no idea who she is =)

now let me tell you about our random beginnings. get excited.
i entered the mtc on jan 12th, 2000. i remember a girl with beautiful blonde hair and pearls. random i know. at that point in life, i couldn't pull off pearls well. i didn't know how to wear them...and as jeff krommenhoek's dad said, "i hadn't blossomed". enough said.
thus, this girl made a great impression on me. to top it all off, she was one of those people in life that you say to yourself, "i'd like to get to know her"...but alas, we never connected in the mtc moments, and we went our separate ways.

now fast forward to august 2001. i was home from russia for almost a year - yea for headaches and becoming "a sick sister missionary"- another story for another day. i had just started working at the mtc front desk. quiet dignity has always been a difficult concept for me to master, and this was no exception. especially when i saw the blonde girl from my mtc days walk through the front lobby!!!!

so what does any normal human being do, i ran through the little gate thing-y and ran out the front doors and caught up with this girl. come to find out her name was jill newell. :) and thus the friendship began.

who knows how things continued, but all i know is that they did!! we loved that out sisters ended up on the same helaman hall's floor their freshman years and we all hung out together.

and now, thanks to stalking on blogs, we have been connected again!! thank you random bloggers!!!

how am i forgetting all the people that have left geneva that i want in my dream school??!! anie jenkins, sarah craig...boyce campbell can come too...annette hill, lori bellitti, goodness, there are sooo many. we have to have diana mccoy be our secretary....and i am sure i am forgetting a ton more. no wonder why people at the grammy's have a written list of people they needed...i am forgetting too many.....

Friday, January 18, 2008


i need to add another teacher to my dream school teacher list....PERRY HOFFMAN!!!!
he, shelley, and i were the new 6th grade team in 2002. we created everything from the ground up. our team was magical. we knew each other so well that we worked, planned, carried-out, organized, etc. like clockwork. we knew and allowed each other's strengths to soar and fly, and we allowed each other's weaknesses to be not-existent. it truly was the dream-team.

but, alas, perry moved up to logan with his beautiful and amazing wife, and two adorable children. he is working on his master's degree and teaching in smithfield. thus, I FORGOT TO MENTION HIM in my dream of creating a school.

sorry perry!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

as i was looking for a dream house to put on the last post...as i was searching, i discovered that i love bungalows. so, here are a few that i love. ideally, if you find yourself driving up by liberty park in salt lake, 7th east and 8-11th south, look around at the houses and imagine my style to one of them...OR go to fort colins and drive around the campus in the little neighborhoods, and you've found my dream neighborhood and feel...

i am realizing how much i need to get a life....but then again, i am realizing how stinkin' tired i am. this past week, i think i have hit a wall (when i was roommates with my girlfriend melissa chalk - yes when talking of her my family has to use her first and last name to differentiate between the sister melissa or the friend melissa - she would notice the hazed look in my eyes, the lack of participation in the conversation and proclaim that i had hit my wall and that i was officially invited to go to bed. loved her for this.).

(the wall. isn't a cute wall?!!)

with teaching institute, being on the regional council for ysa (this shouldn't be a big deal because i haven't done anything with it for awhile), working long days at work, cleaning the occasional bathroom, and finding a moment to get my hair cut and colored, i am pooped. i am emotionally, spiritually, and physically tired and have hit a wall.

now i will be the very first one to admit that for any mother reading this, i know i sound like a baby. i understand that you rarely get a moment to yourself, let alone a moment to blog about being drained. that being said, i am not looking for sympathy, i am just saying.

when we were at lake powell this summer, i realized that in the year 2008 i would be turning 30. i also realized (as my mom had competitions with other lake powell-ers in reciting the old mcdonald's slogan: all beef patty, lettuce...), that when she was 30, she was living in a a foreign country with 3 kids under 8 and one on-the-way. i then looked at my life to figure out what i have accomplished. although becca was somewhat disgusted with my feelings of inadequacy, i began writing:
  • philmont boy scout ranch (first kiss!).
  • efy for 4 summers.
  • mission to russia (pretending to learn the language).
  • art history study abroad (paris, venice, belgium, florence, rome).
  • 5 years of 6th grade teaching in "inner-city orem".
  • girls quest girls camp (new york summer camp for inner-city girls).
  • cancer.
  • engaged, and then not.
  • moved at least twenty times in the last ten years .
  • mia maid advisor, fhe mom, relief society counselors and president, relief society teacher, spoken in stake conference, spoke at a fireside, institute teacher, ward greeter!
there are incredible learning moments from the pieces of life i have enjoyed, and i am grateful.
i then (remember i am still on the house boat at lake powell), began writing down all the things i want to do. it began as a list of things i want to do before i get married, but it just became the list.
  • visit Prince Edward Island (in the fall). ideally i'll find gilbert, who is not married - i looked his information up one day after watching anne of green gables - and he'll notice my "glow", want to be baptized and we'll get married :)
  • visit St. Petersburg (in the fall).
  • visit New York city again (in the fall - are ya noticing a theme...i love the fall. everything is better in the fall)
  • visit Boston (in the fall - just kidding, the summer is fine if i am ever skinny enough to wear the cute cape code-ish outfits!).
  • take voice lessons and sing confident solo-ly.
  • run a half marathon.
  • do 2-3 more triathlons.
  • learn of and create beautiful photography.
  • be financially savvy.
  • own a home/townhouse/apartment whatever.
  • buy an imac laptop and create annual family dvd's, calendar's with our family history, etc.
  • make a quilt - without needing my mom to help me step-by-step.
  • visit and /or live in: portland, columbus, new york, london, ireland, italy...
  • teach for the department of defense schools (on the military bases) preferably in italy or belgium.
  • get a master's in education
  • be a school vice principal (with shelley schroder as the principal!! and having linday peterson, emily ames, jennie call, katie roper (should be katie o'neil, but brandon is too slow!!), sarah craig (if she returns to teaching after her children are raised!)).
  • get a master's in organizational behavior at emerson college in boston.
  • be a director for summer camps - girls quest, etc. (girls quest)
  • write a book about teaching (shelley and i started brainstorming and working on one, but i kind of put that plan on hold...)
  • learn to cut hair.
  • be a fabulous cook...not-so-much a gourmet chef, but have a reputation like kathy barber...
don't fret, i think there are many more, but i don't have my journal with the list in front of me. i am a far way off on some of these, but i figure it will keep me busy for awhile.

so, to start on this list...i have signed up for a financial class and a calligraphy class through granite school district's community ed classes. they are both on wednesday's until march. i am excited!! miss is sending me her calligraphy "tools" she bought at byu when she signed up for the class and then dropped it. :) thanks mom and dad for paying for her "books" that semester!
thus, this is the officially invitation for me to write your wedding announcements, etc. if i can handle the class well.

this was one eternal blog entry. i sure hope you didn't read it all. gag.