Wednesday, January 23, 2008


at work today, i was downloading pictures from an office camera to get one of the sisters ready for travel. in doing so, i needed to download a program from cannon...and it just happened to be what i needed to download pictures from my personal camera - lucky i know!

thus i found pictures i had totally forgotten about...tim and faith hill concert with becca and the General Relief Society Meeting with mom, becca...and the toone girls. although very, very late here are some sites from life...

(becca, mom, me)

(jenna, emilie, lindsay, momma toone, ann marie)

this is the famous ann marie toone. how i love learning with and of her. it's a miraculous moment of our lives...hitting hard moments and getting to have one another to lean upon. i wanted to be maybe - for a moment - see her eye-to-eye. so i begged her to bend down and i went up on tippy-toes. loved it....until she stood up and reality set back in... me at 5' 8 1/2" and ann marie at 6' 2" :)


Scoresbys said...

You look like two supermodels! Do you want to switch lives for a week? The girls slept in until 6 this morning, so it's not too bad.

Polliwog said...

Hey, fun blog! I found you through somebody. It's fun to catch up. :)

Santa's Little Helper said...

Hi, I'm a blog browser too, and I found you via Alison Bramhall and her exciting announcement! Your blog is cute, I hope you don't mind if I check in on you once in a while! -Marissa