Sunday, January 13, 2008

i am realizing how much i need to get a life....but then again, i am realizing how stinkin' tired i am. this past week, i think i have hit a wall (when i was roommates with my girlfriend melissa chalk - yes when talking of her my family has to use her first and last name to differentiate between the sister melissa or the friend melissa - she would notice the hazed look in my eyes, the lack of participation in the conversation and proclaim that i had hit my wall and that i was officially invited to go to bed. loved her for this.).

(the wall. isn't a cute wall?!!)

with teaching institute, being on the regional council for ysa (this shouldn't be a big deal because i haven't done anything with it for awhile), working long days at work, cleaning the occasional bathroom, and finding a moment to get my hair cut and colored, i am pooped. i am emotionally, spiritually, and physically tired and have hit a wall.

now i will be the very first one to admit that for any mother reading this, i know i sound like a baby. i understand that you rarely get a moment to yourself, let alone a moment to blog about being drained. that being said, i am not looking for sympathy, i am just saying.

when we were at lake powell this summer, i realized that in the year 2008 i would be turning 30. i also realized (as my mom had competitions with other lake powell-ers in reciting the old mcdonald's slogan: all beef patty, lettuce...), that when she was 30, she was living in a a foreign country with 3 kids under 8 and one on-the-way. i then looked at my life to figure out what i have accomplished. although becca was somewhat disgusted with my feelings of inadequacy, i began writing:
  • philmont boy scout ranch (first kiss!).
  • efy for 4 summers.
  • mission to russia (pretending to learn the language).
  • art history study abroad (paris, venice, belgium, florence, rome).
  • 5 years of 6th grade teaching in "inner-city orem".
  • girls quest girls camp (new york summer camp for inner-city girls).
  • cancer.
  • engaged, and then not.
  • moved at least twenty times in the last ten years .
  • mia maid advisor, fhe mom, relief society counselors and president, relief society teacher, spoken in stake conference, spoke at a fireside, institute teacher, ward greeter!
there are incredible learning moments from the pieces of life i have enjoyed, and i am grateful.
i then (remember i am still on the house boat at lake powell), began writing down all the things i want to do. it began as a list of things i want to do before i get married, but it just became the list.
  • visit Prince Edward Island (in the fall). ideally i'll find gilbert, who is not married - i looked his information up one day after watching anne of green gables - and he'll notice my "glow", want to be baptized and we'll get married :)
  • visit St. Petersburg (in the fall).
  • visit New York city again (in the fall - are ya noticing a theme...i love the fall. everything is better in the fall)
  • visit Boston (in the fall - just kidding, the summer is fine if i am ever skinny enough to wear the cute cape code-ish outfits!).
  • take voice lessons and sing confident solo-ly.
  • run a half marathon.
  • do 2-3 more triathlons.
  • learn of and create beautiful photography.
  • be financially savvy.
  • own a home/townhouse/apartment whatever.
  • buy an imac laptop and create annual family dvd's, calendar's with our family history, etc.
  • make a quilt - without needing my mom to help me step-by-step.
  • visit and /or live in: portland, columbus, new york, london, ireland, italy...
  • teach for the department of defense schools (on the military bases) preferably in italy or belgium.
  • get a master's in education
  • be a school vice principal (with shelley schroder as the principal!! and having linday peterson, emily ames, jennie call, katie roper (should be katie o'neil, but brandon is too slow!!), sarah craig (if she returns to teaching after her children are raised!)).
  • get a master's in organizational behavior at emerson college in boston.
  • be a director for summer camps - girls quest, etc. (girls quest)
  • write a book about teaching (shelley and i started brainstorming and working on one, but i kind of put that plan on hold...)
  • learn to cut hair.
  • be a fabulous cook...not-so-much a gourmet chef, but have a reputation like kathy barber...
don't fret, i think there are many more, but i don't have my journal with the list in front of me. i am a far way off on some of these, but i figure it will keep me busy for awhile.

so, to start on this list...i have signed up for a financial class and a calligraphy class through granite school district's community ed classes. they are both on wednesday's until march. i am excited!! miss is sending me her calligraphy "tools" she bought at byu when she signed up for the class and then dropped it. :) thanks mom and dad for paying for her "books" that semester!
thus, this is the officially invitation for me to write your wedding announcements, etc. if i can handle the class well.

this was one eternal blog entry. i sure hope you didn't read it all. gag.


melimba said...

winner winner, chicken dinner! of course I read it all!
you are wonderful in a BILLION different ways. I am so lucky to get to be your sister. I love the list of things in life you'd like to do. I want to do lots of those things too!!!
oh, one thing that made me laugh out loud is when you wrote at the top "i have pooped"---errr...em, I think you meant to write " i am pooped". yeah, that was really funny. if you wanted, you could edit that, or not...leave it and I can laugh WITH you. :) not at you!

i love you em. you are the bomb diggity.

Brian & Emily said...

Dear Emily Snyder

I love your stinkin guts.
You are my hero.
I want to be just like you right now, but I'm way too far from such incredibleness so how about being like you when I grow up?
Umm, I'm going to be living in Manhattan for 6 weeks this summer (Brian will have a training for work and I will have a 6 week vaca) -- will you come visit me?
And last but not least, I want to watch Anne of Green Gables with you. Confession -- I cry everytime.


lindsaypeterson said...

I am flattered to make the list of teachers that you want at your school. I miss your stinkin guts. Em and I are going shopping on Monday if you want to go. We are going up to P.C. Sorry I missed Institute this week. Oh, and I want to run a half marathon with you, and teach on an military base, and about half of the other things you listed. I am constantly amazed by you, and you will never know how blessed I feel to have worked for 9 short months with you. BLESSED, BLESSED, BLESSED! Love you!

Hoffmaniacs said...

I am not flattered that I was not on your list of teachers. :) I think you'd like our'll have to venture to Cache Valley sometime to visit. I know it isn't quite as exciting as New York or Prince Edward Island, but we do get some nice autumns here! Oh, and as another next door neighbor is named Gilbert. He is single and an active member! OK, so he's 87, but age is relative, right? He's got the right name . . . isn't that all that matters? (Sidenote . . . Ginger has red hair, so I know my Anne of Green Gables. :) )