Monday, January 21, 2008

i have realized in the last few weeks, a new past-time. a hobby if you will...people's blogs. i love browsing through the entire list of someone's friends. i quickly go through the pictures. i will read the comments - typically only if it is someone who i know to be rather funny or intelligent or random...or someone i know and care about. if a blog doesn't fit into these categories, then i just picture browse. i love looking at people's pictures. that may be so weird, true.

take today for example. i was looking through a photo site and found the guy's blog. browsed through a few of his entries - in which he had a post about reading other's posts :) - and then proceeded to his friends. upon reading his friends, i found a long lost friend of mine...jill newell!!!

this one on the left is jill - i am sure the other girl is great, i just have no idea who she is =)

now let me tell you about our random beginnings. get excited.
i entered the mtc on jan 12th, 2000. i remember a girl with beautiful blonde hair and pearls. random i know. at that point in life, i couldn't pull off pearls well. i didn't know how to wear them...and as jeff krommenhoek's dad said, "i hadn't blossomed". enough said.
thus, this girl made a great impression on me. to top it all off, she was one of those people in life that you say to yourself, "i'd like to get to know her"...but alas, we never connected in the mtc moments, and we went our separate ways.

now fast forward to august 2001. i was home from russia for almost a year - yea for headaches and becoming "a sick sister missionary"- another story for another day. i had just started working at the mtc front desk. quiet dignity has always been a difficult concept for me to master, and this was no exception. especially when i saw the blonde girl from my mtc days walk through the front lobby!!!!

so what does any normal human being do, i ran through the little gate thing-y and ran out the front doors and caught up with this girl. come to find out her name was jill newell. :) and thus the friendship began.

who knows how things continued, but all i know is that they did!! we loved that out sisters ended up on the same helaman hall's floor their freshman years and we all hung out together.

and now, thanks to stalking on blogs, we have been connected again!! thank you random bloggers!!!


Craig said...

How awesome you found my blog! I have been reconnected and stay connected with loads of people through the blog ring.

I know Tisha from earlier college times. My friend married her friend and then we actually dated for a bit and then stayed good friends. Now I have a crush on her husband and read their blogs and dream of visiting North Carolina.

I'm glad you won't be at Institute tonight because I have to go do some stuff with my little brother and i was sad to not be able to go. perfect.

I'll give you feedback one day on Institute, but I keep coming so you're doing something right. I mean, lots of things. I mean, you're a good teacher!!!

Laura said...

Em, I swear I was in an EFY group with that girl! Random! sorry I haven't texted back. No, I won't be in town over President's Day:( I am going home for the weekend because Katie is having a baby shower and my mom is flying us all home. Yeah!!! I hope we can work it out to see each other soon.

Susie said...

Ahhh. Blog stalking... a dangerous pasttime. Then again, how else would we be reconnected with each other after all these years?