Saturday, January 26, 2008

miss america 2008

the last friday night of Christmas break, a few of us snyder girls found ourselves watching the all-time-favorite show...tlc's "what not to wear". yes, dad will go straight to heaven for the hours and hours he puts up with the extreme girl-ish-ness in our house.
don't worry, because as we were loving clinton's reactions to the year's favorite make-overs, we noticed the advertisement for the miss america reality check show!! although exhausted, we found the extra strength to stay up one more hour and watch as miss utah made us proud and made top 3 that night!! needlesstosay, i am enthralled.

tonight is the REAL pageant and i can't wait. not only is shelley having a pageant party (just to counter-act all of dan's denver bronco parties), but i am curious to see if the girls the tlc judges loved are the ones that really win tonight....2 hours and counting!

don't worry, i'll get pictures on here asap.

ps mary jones scoresby please tell me you will be watching! some of my favorite moments were when you and i watched the pageants in your parent's room...such were the days...we pondered where in the world we would be when we were the ancient age of 23...hmm..still wondering where and what in the world i did at 23...
pps here's my shout out to miss utah...i'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Scoresbys said...

Are you kidding me?! I've been waiting all day! Love you!

Scoresbys said...

Wahoo! Miss Utah just made it as the People's Choice finalist. I'm so excited and I wanted to call you but I don't have your number. So go Miss Utah!