Tuesday, January 29, 2008

so i never told the stories of the pageant party! so sorry!

becca and i went to shelley's. her daughter-in-law is the first runner-up to Miss Utah, thus the major excitement of the pageant (it was fun to have her tell us some of the "behind-the-scenes" info. she said that the movie, miss congeniality is pretty close to life!). anyway, this is becca, me and em schroeder.

here we have em, becca, shelley, and the princess...I mean the prince of the evening....DAN!!

when the swimming suit portion of the evening began, dan quickly reached down, opened the side table, and pulled out 3 sets of binoculars!!!!! just as i was ready to make a comment, i realized that the lens caps were purposely left on! :) how we love these men!!

here we have ashley and jake, em's head, and beckah and brian (the pink things is the boys' hands are the voting ballots...love that they were so dedicated to the cause!)

forget Miss Michigan (where in the world did she come from? we were blind-sided with her winning the crown!! what happened to the hours and hours i watched tlc teach the contestants "re-write" what we think of Miss America? i am sure that Miss Michigan is a lovely girl....however...was it just me or did it seem that she exemplified ALL that we have stereotyped the winners to be....not talented and rather un-intelligent....no i was not apart of the interview judges, and i guess i am not suppose to judge someone by a 2 hour tv showing of a pageant, but.....
holler and tell me how quickly i need to repent. i know....sorry Miss Michigan and Miss Michigan supporters...

OH!! the point of my thoughts!!! who cares who really won the scholarship money....dan schroeder is the real winner in our hearts!!

i really liked Miss New Mexico....i was so sad when she was invited to hang-out with clinton :(

get hungry! some of th treats....and the ballots!!

yes, those are disney princess stickers on the bowls of ice cream toppings :) let's just say katie was in her element and thrilled to be will us!

okay, this is a quickie. but i wanted to get the pictures from the pageant party on here today.
things are a bit crazy with institute tonight and President Hinckley's funeral...


Brian & Emily said...

You are without a doubt the cutest thing of my life!!! What did you guys do with the paper and the binoculars!? I want to hear all about this party!!! So fun:)

Amy said...

Emily Snyder! Wow, this is amazing! I don't know if you even remember me...Amy Johnson, your old roommate from Courtside 106 BYU 69th ward??? I think of you often because you were, and still are, one of my most favorite people on earth! I was thinking of you yesterday and felt that i really needed to find you! So I googled you and your blogspot poped up. So cool. Anyway, I would love to catch up! Its been a long time since we were roommates, I'm sure there is much to tell. If you want you can email me at
amyc@9thlaws.com. I would love to hear from you!!!

Amy (Johnson)Laws

koryandkatie said...

I found ya!! Let me know what kind of "blog makeover" you want!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog came up while I was looking for the Schroeder family! I was a neighbor of theirs in Oregon in the early 90's. I had something important that I wanted to tell them (especially Dan and Shelley, Emily & Becca). If you could please pass along my email addy I would be most grateful! Thank you very much
Katie Prestenbach Rogers

Anonymous said...

Emily, it's Sister Lenker...what's your email address?

Anonymous said...

Use lenker45@mac.com instead of the gmail acct.