Friday, January 18, 2008


i need to add another teacher to my dream school teacher list....PERRY HOFFMAN!!!!
he, shelley, and i were the new 6th grade team in 2002. we created everything from the ground up. our team was magical. we knew each other so well that we worked, planned, carried-out, organized, etc. like clockwork. we knew and allowed each other's strengths to soar and fly, and we allowed each other's weaknesses to be not-existent. it truly was the dream-team.

but, alas, perry moved up to logan with his beautiful and amazing wife, and two adorable children. he is working on his master's degree and teaching in smithfield. thus, I FORGOT TO MENTION HIM in my dream of creating a school.

sorry perry!

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Perry said... I feel better. Thanks, Em! I was beginning to think that I was nothing more than a distant memory! :( Alas, you have fed my ego, and I can carry on. I think the 6th grade dream team needs to get together again sometime this spring for a "team meeting" at TGIF.