Friday, February 29, 2008

the other day, my girlfriend and i were talking. after the conversation, i came to the conclusion that i needed to improve parts of my personality and who i am, etc. i realized that i needed to "soften" my approach on life. i remembered mary jones scoresby telling me about some book from the 50's or 60's about how to be a wonderful woman...we laughed at it. who knows if this is the same book, but i found Fascinating Womanhood on my mom's bookshelf and started reading. i was truly "fascinated". i didn't feel that the examples were totally applicatble, but the principles were definitely sound. i kept thinking how i wished that helen adeline was alive to write a more up-to-date version.

my roommate and i were discussing the principles and she was intrigued so bought the book online...but it wasn't the book i was the up-to-date one that i was hoping for!

new and improved 2007!!
talk about thrilling!! so i called all the barnes and nobles in the salt lake area and went to get the one at fort union. tragically, it was the 1992 version and i am missing about 100 pages. so i will be returning and ordering online. don't fret, she has written a fascinating girl for single women and a parenting book as well.

i think the principles are powerful. if used and taught, i feel like miracles would happen in homes, school, work places, church, etc. that may sound like a huge overstatement, but i have been pondering the theory behind the principles and feel like it is right one.

if i had all the money in the world, i would by everyone i know a copy. so, in connection with the last entry of beautiful is the plea to rich, generous friends and loved ones...share the wealth and bless some lives and buy us all a copy of this - 2007 issue please - book!

ps this is the single woman version
and the parenting book
there is one for men too, but i forgot to grab that image...sorry! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i re-remembered this morning how much i love certain cars.
these are my favorite...besides my little silver RAV4 - which i love...but a girl can dream, right?

this little solaro made the list just this morning!
a cute one passed me as i drove into work this morning - 6:30 am mind you - so the solaro may be a fleeting fling, but...

the subaru has caught my eye in the last few months. i am quick to spot them on the road and although i rarely show and live my outdoor enjoyment, it's there. the subaru screams of casual class...i like that feel and look.

here' s the stupid part of falling in love with a man that drives a become a truck lover. thus, i am in love with the large tundra (making sure it's a different line of truck than the boy i loved, don't worry! )

the vw touareg (which thanks to the knowledge of the famous and ever popular david morgan - whom i get to see every-once-in-awhile when he comes to visit the states - informed me means african wanderer) has been a favorite of mine for quite sometime. at work, someone drives a beautiful silver model and i walk and stare each time i walk past it!

the moral of this blog...if you are rich and want to make this poor secretary happy...feel free!

Monday, February 18, 2008

if you have happened to read my last comment/entry, you will know that a spelling be is a place in which i was and will never be a contestant. thanks to my favorite personal life coach, i have realized my incompentance in spelling the word tube/tub/tubbing/tubing.
i want to tube at soldier hollow; not-so-much tub. i want to go tubing; not-so-much tubbing.
my boss and friend ann marie, is trying to teach me what my mother has tried to teach me for years....double checking. there is a slight problem, if you can't spell...double-checking isn't going to be very effective. so thankfully, I have a great proof-reader friend in my life. to protect the innocent, i won't mention his name here. but if you are willing to pay him, i bet he'd share his knowledge with you too!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

hmm...i've had lots of thoughts today. but i still need to let them "marinate". but i'll just give you a sneak peak to some entries that will soon be coming...."the evils of unbalanced blogging", "favorite quotes from THE PROMISE", and ...."the most excitingly fun and random night in a LONG time"!
so sorry it's so blurry!

hopefully i will get to have an entry about the joys of tubbing at soldier hollow. i have been waiting all winter to go. but, i can't find people that really want to. if you are someone that will have a happy attitude about the $18 to enjoy all the fun with none of the work in tubbing, feel free to contact me!

i also am gathering a group to see mr. matt dickamore preform in the Hale Center Theater's production of THE CIVIL WAR.

peace out.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy happy love day!

at lunch today, a co-worker was watching some today show thing. they had a bit on how and why so many people don't enjoy Valentine's Day; people feel like "losers" (yep they really did say that) when they are not in a relationship. it went on to say that many people in long term relationships (which in my world translates to marriage) don't enjoy the holiday because of disappointed expectations.

my thoughts on this?! goodness gracious!! people are pathetic!
i do recognize that st. valentine is all about a romantic love, however, can we not be mature human beings and recognize the fabulously fun opportunity to share love to all those we love?!?! i don't know why it has to be such a big deal to want to express love and appreciation to the great people who influence our lives.

because i have been working lots of long hours, and have been through the eternal medical tests and run-arounds the past few months, i have been purposely finding ways to do things i want to do. last week was laundry and belated Christmas notes that most people received as Valentine's and which more people will receive as ST. PATRICK'S DAY notes (yep, in the package of 6 chalk pens there happens to be a GREEN ONE!!)!! this week i decided to make giant sized cupcakes and homemade valentine's for a few people that live close to me...(provo friends, i do apologize).

thus, last night - a mist the massively insane snow storm - i went hunting for the large tins. Heaven was smiling down upon me as i was able to get tins, paper tins, cardstock, cut die-cuts, buy ingredients and a new top all in the same shopping center (the paper tins were an inspiration as i was tired at at the grocery store and found nothing that was big enough for the pans i had found...walking by the milk and cheese, i thought that perhaps the bakery might have something they use and would let me buy some.....they did!)

by the time i got home, changed clothes, and ate was 8:30 pm. but that was not going to phase me. i got everything done about 5 1/2 hours later and here are the results....

maybe when i start working on that idea of being a great photographer these will look so much better - note the photography links i've added to the right side of the's wishful thinking, but i am so impressed with what my friend's talents are. until i am pro...these will have to do.

in coming full circle in my thoughts, let me just take a cheese-y moment and thank the awe-inspiring influences i enjoy in life. the people that decorate and weave their lives with mine are the reasons why i enjoy life. i give credit for anything good, or fun, or neat in my life or personality to the people that have come into my life. i will take credit for all the bad and stupid things. but i am indebted to other's goodnesses. since we have witnessed, in past blog entries, how not-so-good i am in remembering all the names of people i am thinking about...i won't try to list the people i love and why. but please know that i can. if you need a little pick-me-up, i would be thrilled to tell you why and how you have influenced my life for greatness!

happy, happy love day!
love, em

Saturday, February 9, 2008

this morning i was driving back from orem (i had a sleep-over at the schroeder's!! to fun!) and heard something about a new movie, "step-up 2". instantly excited. i loved the first "step-up". rather dumb, i know. but i love to watch dancing. love to watch people fall in love. and love to watch channing tatum =)

as i looked up the information for the new movie, i was saddened to realize that channing tatum isn't a major part in the movie. from what i have gathered, he just a a scene. i'm okay with that because i am excited to watch the dancing.

yesterday, i was looking through pictures of President Hinckley and found a beautiful slideshow from byu. while there, i found a slide show of the byu ballroom dance team and looked for how to buy tickets to their april concert.

i thus, have to give a shout out and thank you to kristen standifird who, in our senior year of high school, invited me to watch the ballroom's april concert. at first i thought it was a weird idea, but as i became enthralled, i quickly repented...and have been a fan every since!

i would be that girl dancing in her car and singing at the top of her lungs waiting at the red lights next to you. i will dance anywhere. BUT i have no talent of coordination. when someone tells me what steps to do when, i am a mess. so i am in awe of the talented people who can beautifully preform difficult choreography and make it look sooooo easy.

so whether it is byu ballroom (holler if you want to get tickets with me!!), channing tatum (holler again if you want to go see the obviously cheese-y "step-up 2" with me!) or just the geneva elementary 6th grade dance (i think i am going to crash it! i planned it and danced it for the last 5 years, i just can't image a spring without the dance party in orem!) or the simple joys of car dancing to "backstreet boys"...let's give a shout out for the joys of dancing!!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

can we begin to express my excitement for tonight: wednesday, february 6, 2008??!?!
i have NOTHING to do TONIGHT!!!!! hOoRAY!

typically, every night of life is filled...and tonight i don't have to do anything! i am just about ready to leave work - and thus my internet connection because i am too cheap at this point in life to have: a) a computer of my very own b) the desire to spend $100 a month for cable and internet - especially when i could go shopping with that money (wow, that was such a girl comment...gag...but what to do?).

what will i be doing with and in my nothingness...yep...LAUNDRY!!

i know you are jealous.

the other fun thing that will be happening during my addressing my Christmas / Valentine notes. i was rather busy - or lazy - at Christmas when most people send out their little bragging cards. don't fret, i have nothing to brag about. but i figured that since most of my friends are sharing about their lives, i would share too :) it was my attempt at being a grown-up last year and figured i would try to see how long i could be one. obviously not very long since the Christmas notes are now Valentine's notes.

here is the best part.
i had monday off because we were needed to work on saturday for President Hinckley's funeral. i worked on my little note that morning. previously, i had bought silver metallic envelopes to send them out for a Winter note. since that didn't work, i bought red metallic envelopes. but then i saw black ones. how cute would it be to write with a magical pink pen that looks like pink chalk onto the black envelopes!!

it was one of those ideas that no matter how logically any other idea sounded, i was stuck on this grand vision. so, i started calling every scrapbook store in the area to find what are called....ZIG MEMORY SYSTEM CHALK WRITER pens....i will illustrate:

these pens write with invisible first THEN, the ink slowly appears and when it does, it looks like chalk! too cool!

i was in alpine and didn't want to drive to provo where i knew they had this magical marvels at "Archivers". after 20 minutes of calling, i found a store in lindon :) instead of just running and grabbing it, i invited my mom and her friend to come too and we'd get lunch - who knew not working was soooooo fun?

we met deanna at khloers and were on our way.
but, much to my sorrow, the lady at the lindon store only had the white color - gag.

so, because i was determined, i decided to go to provo and forget lunch. deanna and mom were dedicated supporters and followed me. we traveled on down to the store i was determined not to go to because it was too far. but we did. i got my pen (and 5 others because it came in a package of 6! if you want one, give me a holler), and i found a fun stamp that i decided would be so fun to stamp on the envelopes---so had to get white ink...

basically, get excited to get a note.
if you don't think you will have made the list of favorites, and you are dying to receive one of these masterpieces, you better send me your address :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

last thursday, jan.31, 2008, was a baby shower for miss. she had planned on coming out for the week, and it happened to be when her girlfriends planned a shower for her. we had soooo many of the people that we love and adore there to share in the excitement of baby wood's arrival. throughout the night, however, it was hard to tell which snyder girl was the most excited about the little girl's arrival. lizzy and melissa are tied for second while the winner is........MOM!!!

the almost-grandma-snyder has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of grandchildren. in her almost-perfect-organizing, she had labeled the boxes of toys and dress-ups with words AND pictures so that grandchildren will know just which box they want to get out. she had also collected a few little kid lunch trays with sections for different foods. not-to-mention the hours upon hours she has spent making quilts, blankets, crib gear, etc. to get this little baby girl's life the cutest ever. tragically, i have a feeling she will run out of steam by the time i help add to the number of grandchildren she can enjoy and spoil. so, i have informed melissa to take very good care of all these blankets, etc since i will need to use the hand-me-downs. regardless of when i get to use them, i know they will still carry the love..... =)

this was the main word / sound heard all night long....OHHHHHHHHH, it's soooooo cute!

oops that my eyes were closed! but here are em and shelley schroeder. it was fun for people who have heard so many things about shelley - the wisdom and understanding she has given and shared with me through the years - to finally meet her. dan played chauffeur and stayed out on the car as we talked, laughed, and ate! bless that man!

one reason for my desire to be married: our friends are BEAUTIFULLY generous. this little baby is set for quite sometime!! and set with the CUTEST things i have ever seen!

oh! found this beauty. here i am with what looks like a helmet smiling while eating the delicious rolls i made...miss letting you all know that the rolls just get one thumb up. obviously it is Christmas dinner with all the red attire :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

i keep trying how to download a video from youtube, but it's not working out so well and i am too tired to keep trying (yes, it's only 9:30, i'm getting old). but i found this video and started crying.

let me preface with fact that i love glen beck. not that i am a cnn junkie - ha ha ha, could you imagine! - but when we went to lake powell days after my thyroid surgery, we realized that the waves on the water was way not good for my neck (having had my neck cut open, it was rather painful to brace my head and hold my head still on the boat...) so i spent so good quality time with the tv in the spacious and cool trailer - not a double wide, but very roomie nonetheless). in these memorial moments i found two shows i think are fabulous: discovery channel or tlc's taxi game show AND GLEN BECK!

when i found out he converted to the LDS faith a few years ago, my adoration grew. then, when i pretended i was 30 to go to salt lake's single adult conference just to here GLEN BECK speak (huge gold stars for me i think. i was hit on by 2 different 60 year old men....) my adoration sky rocketed. i love his honest, forth-right sincerity. he cuts to the heart of things. at the conference, he spoke about the necessity of knowing why we believe what we believe.
i wanted to stand and cheer. it makes me sad so often, to think of how many people haven't chosen to be dedicated disciples of Christ. it makes me sad to think of the things we could be and aren't. i know that i am a prime example...i often wonder where i lie when i think of president packer's quote "we live far below our privileges". what more does the Lord have in store for me if i would just realized and be more aware of the things i am not doing. i used to be confused as to why not many people would be at Adam-Ondi-Ahman, but know, i'm not so-much-confused, but sad. sad and anxious to ignite a passion for the Spirit in other's lives. how desperately i want others to enjoy the power and peace of knowing the true character of God so that He is a tangible part of daily life.

goodness, another tangent....anyway...check out this link. glen beck ends one of his evening shows with a tribute to President Gordon B. Hinckley. he puts so poignantly the feelings and adoration i have been tenderly holding in my heart this past week. i love how glen beck comments on how President Hinckley's life and teachings have made glen beck the man he is. President Hinckley taught me - among many other thoughts and principles - that i am enough. i need to give my all, but i do that in steps. i am forever indebted to his testimony shared in "My Testimony" shared in 2000 General Conference. and, his testimony shared in word and the creation of "the Living Christ". the words from these declarations have come to be written on the fleshy tablets of my heart. and i am a different person because of President Hinckley.

enjoy. partake.