Wednesday, February 6, 2008

can we begin to express my excitement for tonight: wednesday, february 6, 2008??!?!
i have NOTHING to do TONIGHT!!!!! hOoRAY!

typically, every night of life is filled...and tonight i don't have to do anything! i am just about ready to leave work - and thus my internet connection because i am too cheap at this point in life to have: a) a computer of my very own b) the desire to spend $100 a month for cable and internet - especially when i could go shopping with that money (wow, that was such a girl comment...gag...but what to do?).

what will i be doing with and in my nothingness...yep...LAUNDRY!!

i know you are jealous.

the other fun thing that will be happening during my addressing my Christmas / Valentine notes. i was rather busy - or lazy - at Christmas when most people send out their little bragging cards. don't fret, i have nothing to brag about. but i figured that since most of my friends are sharing about their lives, i would share too :) it was my attempt at being a grown-up last year and figured i would try to see how long i could be one. obviously not very long since the Christmas notes are now Valentine's notes.

here is the best part.
i had monday off because we were needed to work on saturday for President Hinckley's funeral. i worked on my little note that morning. previously, i had bought silver metallic envelopes to send them out for a Winter note. since that didn't work, i bought red metallic envelopes. but then i saw black ones. how cute would it be to write with a magical pink pen that looks like pink chalk onto the black envelopes!!

it was one of those ideas that no matter how logically any other idea sounded, i was stuck on this grand vision. so, i started calling every scrapbook store in the area to find what are called....ZIG MEMORY SYSTEM CHALK WRITER pens....i will illustrate:

these pens write with invisible first THEN, the ink slowly appears and when it does, it looks like chalk! too cool!

i was in alpine and didn't want to drive to provo where i knew they had this magical marvels at "Archivers". after 20 minutes of calling, i found a store in lindon :) instead of just running and grabbing it, i invited my mom and her friend to come too and we'd get lunch - who knew not working was soooooo fun?

we met deanna at khloers and were on our way.
but, much to my sorrow, the lady at the lindon store only had the white color - gag.

so, because i was determined, i decided to go to provo and forget lunch. deanna and mom were dedicated supporters and followed me. we traveled on down to the store i was determined not to go to because it was too far. but we did. i got my pen (and 5 others because it came in a package of 6! if you want one, give me a holler), and i found a fun stamp that i decided would be so fun to stamp on the envelopes---so had to get white ink...

basically, get excited to get a note.
if you don't think you will have made the list of favorites, and you are dying to receive one of these masterpieces, you better send me your address :)


meg said...

I have been stalking your blog for a little bit. My mom told me about it. Love it. I had forgotten how much I love Em Snyder. It's been too long! I love catching up, even if it's through blogs. You look great and are doing very impressive things--the same old Em!

koryandkatie said...

Well . . . after reading that, I most definately want a christmas/valentines note . . . just to see the pink ink that looks like chalk! :o)

Matt & Amie said...

I am dying to recieve a masterpiece! How are you Em? Im glad I have your blog so I can keep up with your exciting life! Keep an eye out on Annie for me! :)

Anie said...

OH how I miss you!!! I better be on your address list!! I love your CUTE creative touch! I went to the craft store today and stood there feeling totally lost....wondering what I needed for all my craft making desires. I NEED you to love closer so that I can come hang out and get tips from the best!!!