Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy happy love day!

at lunch today, a co-worker was watching some today show thing. they had a bit on how and why so many people don't enjoy Valentine's Day; people feel like "losers" (yep they really did say that) when they are not in a relationship. it went on to say that many people in long term relationships (which in my world translates to marriage) don't enjoy the holiday because of disappointed expectations.

my thoughts on this?! goodness gracious!! people are pathetic!
i do recognize that st. valentine is all about a romantic love, however, can we not be mature human beings and recognize the fabulously fun opportunity to share love to all those we love?!?! i don't know why it has to be such a big deal to want to express love and appreciation to the great people who influence our lives.

because i have been working lots of long hours, and have been through the eternal medical tests and run-arounds the past few months, i have been purposely finding ways to do things i want to do. last week was laundry and belated Christmas notes that most people received as Valentine's and which more people will receive as ST. PATRICK'S DAY notes (yep, in the package of 6 chalk pens there happens to be a GREEN ONE!!)!! this week i decided to make giant sized cupcakes and homemade valentine's for a few people that live close to me...(provo friends, i do apologize).

thus, last night - a mist the massively insane snow storm - i went hunting for the large tins. Heaven was smiling down upon me as i was able to get tins, paper tins, cardstock, cut die-cuts, buy ingredients and a new top all in the same shopping center (the paper tins were an inspiration as i was tired at at the grocery store and found nothing that was big enough for the pans i had found...walking by the milk and cheese, i thought that perhaps the bakery might have something they use and would let me buy some.....they did!)

by the time i got home, changed clothes, and ate was 8:30 pm. but that was not going to phase me. i got everything done about 5 1/2 hours later and here are the results....

maybe when i start working on that idea of being a great photographer these will look so much better - note the photography links i've added to the right side of the's wishful thinking, but i am so impressed with what my friend's talents are. until i am pro...these will have to do.

in coming full circle in my thoughts, let me just take a cheese-y moment and thank the awe-inspiring influences i enjoy in life. the people that decorate and weave their lives with mine are the reasons why i enjoy life. i give credit for anything good, or fun, or neat in my life or personality to the people that have come into my life. i will take credit for all the bad and stupid things. but i am indebted to other's goodnesses. since we have witnessed, in past blog entries, how not-so-good i am in remembering all the names of people i am thinking about...i won't try to list the people i love and why. but please know that i can. if you need a little pick-me-up, i would be thrilled to tell you why and how you have influenced my life for greatness!

happy, happy love day!
love, em


Scoresbys said...

So sad for me, I'm guessing Logan is not considered close enough to merit a cupcake. They look yummy though! And we loved getting your card. I even took time to appreciate the chalk pen thingy because I knew you went to all that trouble. Thanks for remembering us.

Roma said...

Hey hey hey Em, I was just checking the St. Pete site and found out there was your blog. WOW, it is such a good one, I just love it and I saw there are some thoughts about St. Valentine's Day!!! It is so cool, so I would like to appriciate my love to YOU my dear sis!!! You are gorgeous!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! =)

melimba said...

Good for you! i am ssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper impressed!