Saturday, February 16, 2008

hmm...i've had lots of thoughts today. but i still need to let them "marinate". but i'll just give you a sneak peak to some entries that will soon be coming...."the evils of unbalanced blogging", "favorite quotes from THE PROMISE", and ...."the most excitingly fun and random night in a LONG time"!
so sorry it's so blurry!

hopefully i will get to have an entry about the joys of tubbing at soldier hollow. i have been waiting all winter to go. but, i can't find people that really want to. if you are someone that will have a happy attitude about the $18 to enjoy all the fun with none of the work in tubbing, feel free to contact me!

i also am gathering a group to see mr. matt dickamore preform in the Hale Center Theater's production of THE CIVIL WAR.

peace out.


Kirsti said...

Ah! I wish I lived closer...I would TOTALLY go tubing with you! I've never been, but it sounds like a blast! Sorry you can't find anyone to go with you. I think it sounds like fun!

Boyce said...

I didn't know you could tub at Soldier Hollow. I thought you could only tube there. Tubbing is fun as long as the water is hot. Soldier Hollow is more of a tubing experience though...I could be wrong. I'm up for tubing anytime! I'm in Cali right now enjoying the sun but I'll gladly go anytime you want when I get back...that's tubing...but tubbing isn't out either! :)

Scoresbys said...

I am thrilled beyond all belief that you are reading The Promise. I love all things Chaim Potok. He actually died while I was teaching at Timpview and I think I cried in front of my students. And everyone can use a proofreader in their lives. I tell Jon all the time to point out any mistakes. Of course, he just laughs, but I really do mean it!