Friday, February 1, 2008

i keep trying how to download a video from youtube, but it's not working out so well and i am too tired to keep trying (yes, it's only 9:30, i'm getting old). but i found this video and started crying.

let me preface with fact that i love glen beck. not that i am a cnn junkie - ha ha ha, could you imagine! - but when we went to lake powell days after my thyroid surgery, we realized that the waves on the water was way not good for my neck (having had my neck cut open, it was rather painful to brace my head and hold my head still on the boat...) so i spent so good quality time with the tv in the spacious and cool trailer - not a double wide, but very roomie nonetheless). in these memorial moments i found two shows i think are fabulous: discovery channel or tlc's taxi game show AND GLEN BECK!

when i found out he converted to the LDS faith a few years ago, my adoration grew. then, when i pretended i was 30 to go to salt lake's single adult conference just to here GLEN BECK speak (huge gold stars for me i think. i was hit on by 2 different 60 year old men....) my adoration sky rocketed. i love his honest, forth-right sincerity. he cuts to the heart of things. at the conference, he spoke about the necessity of knowing why we believe what we believe.
i wanted to stand and cheer. it makes me sad so often, to think of how many people haven't chosen to be dedicated disciples of Christ. it makes me sad to think of the things we could be and aren't. i know that i am a prime example...i often wonder where i lie when i think of president packer's quote "we live far below our privileges". what more does the Lord have in store for me if i would just realized and be more aware of the things i am not doing. i used to be confused as to why not many people would be at Adam-Ondi-Ahman, but know, i'm not so-much-confused, but sad. sad and anxious to ignite a passion for the Spirit in other's lives. how desperately i want others to enjoy the power and peace of knowing the true character of God so that He is a tangible part of daily life.

goodness, another tangent....anyway...check out this link. glen beck ends one of his evening shows with a tribute to President Gordon B. Hinckley. he puts so poignantly the feelings and adoration i have been tenderly holding in my heart this past week. i love how glen beck comments on how President Hinckley's life and teachings have made glen beck the man he is. President Hinckley taught me - among many other thoughts and principles - that i am enough. i need to give my all, but i do that in steps. i am forever indebted to his testimony shared in "My Testimony" shared in 2000 General Conference. and, his testimony shared in word and the creation of "the Living Christ". the words from these declarations have come to be written on the fleshy tablets of my heart. and i am a different person because of President Hinckley.

enjoy. partake.

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