Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i re-remembered this morning how much i love certain cars.
these are my favorite...besides my little silver RAV4 - which i love...but a girl can dream, right?

this little solaro made the list just this morning!
a cute one passed me as i drove into work this morning - 6:30 am mind you - so the solaro may be a fleeting fling, but...

the subaru has caught my eye in the last few months. i am quick to spot them on the road and although i rarely show and live my outdoor enjoyment, it's there. the subaru screams of casual class...i like that feel and look.

here' s the stupid part of falling in love with a man that drives a become a truck lover. thus, i am in love with the large tundra (making sure it's a different line of truck than the boy i loved, don't worry! )

the vw touareg (which thanks to the knowledge of the famous and ever popular david morgan - whom i get to see every-once-in-awhile when he comes to visit the states - informed me means african wanderer) has been a favorite of mine for quite sometime. at work, someone drives a beautiful silver model and i walk and stare each time i walk past it!

the moral of this blog...if you are rich and want to make this poor secretary happy...feel free!

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melimba said...

YOU KILL ME! Since when did you become a car girl? sigh. goodness.

no, i have to admit, i ALSO enjoy those cars. Now, living in Texas I know ALL about trucks and I totally know which one I want. However, it is HUGE and diesel and I worry it could run over litle hands and feet! Scary thought! Tundra is a nice size though.

i love you. good post. keep it up, ok? good. Oh, and if you find anyone that wants to donate a car to you, maybe they will also want to donate one to me. thanks, I'd appreciate that.

bye for now, crazy.