Sunday, February 3, 2008

last thursday, jan.31, 2008, was a baby shower for miss. she had planned on coming out for the week, and it happened to be when her girlfriends planned a shower for her. we had soooo many of the people that we love and adore there to share in the excitement of baby wood's arrival. throughout the night, however, it was hard to tell which snyder girl was the most excited about the little girl's arrival. lizzy and melissa are tied for second while the winner is........MOM!!!

the almost-grandma-snyder has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of grandchildren. in her almost-perfect-organizing, she had labeled the boxes of toys and dress-ups with words AND pictures so that grandchildren will know just which box they want to get out. she had also collected a few little kid lunch trays with sections for different foods. not-to-mention the hours upon hours she has spent making quilts, blankets, crib gear, etc. to get this little baby girl's life the cutest ever. tragically, i have a feeling she will run out of steam by the time i help add to the number of grandchildren she can enjoy and spoil. so, i have informed melissa to take very good care of all these blankets, etc since i will need to use the hand-me-downs. regardless of when i get to use them, i know they will still carry the love..... =)

this was the main word / sound heard all night long....OHHHHHHHHH, it's soooooo cute!

oops that my eyes were closed! but here are em and shelley schroeder. it was fun for people who have heard so many things about shelley - the wisdom and understanding she has given and shared with me through the years - to finally meet her. dan played chauffeur and stayed out on the car as we talked, laughed, and ate! bless that man!

one reason for my desire to be married: our friends are BEAUTIFULLY generous. this little baby is set for quite sometime!! and set with the CUTEST things i have ever seen!

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Banana Pancakes said...

Emily! I am so happy to have found your blog! You are such a beautiful girl! I would love to keep in touch!