Saturday, February 9, 2008

this morning i was driving back from orem (i had a sleep-over at the schroeder's!! to fun!) and heard something about a new movie, "step-up 2". instantly excited. i loved the first "step-up". rather dumb, i know. but i love to watch dancing. love to watch people fall in love. and love to watch channing tatum =)

as i looked up the information for the new movie, i was saddened to realize that channing tatum isn't a major part in the movie. from what i have gathered, he just a a scene. i'm okay with that because i am excited to watch the dancing.

yesterday, i was looking through pictures of President Hinckley and found a beautiful slideshow from byu. while there, i found a slide show of the byu ballroom dance team and looked for how to buy tickets to their april concert.

i thus, have to give a shout out and thank you to kristen standifird who, in our senior year of high school, invited me to watch the ballroom's april concert. at first i thought it was a weird idea, but as i became enthralled, i quickly repented...and have been a fan every since!

i would be that girl dancing in her car and singing at the top of her lungs waiting at the red lights next to you. i will dance anywhere. BUT i have no talent of coordination. when someone tells me what steps to do when, i am a mess. so i am in awe of the talented people who can beautifully preform difficult choreography and make it look sooooo easy.

so whether it is byu ballroom (holler if you want to get tickets with me!!), channing tatum (holler again if you want to go see the obviously cheese-y "step-up 2" with me!) or just the geneva elementary 6th grade dance (i think i am going to crash it! i planned it and danced it for the last 5 years, i just can't image a spring without the dance party in orem!) or the simple joys of car dancing to "backstreet boys"...let's give a shout out for the joys of dancing!!



Devon and Brooke said...

I love Channing Tatum also! I wish we lived closer so that we could go see Step up 2 together - I loved the first one! I also loved him in She's the Man! (amanda bynes is another fav of mine)! Can we be back in touch again? I miss you! I love ya'!
Brooke :)

meg said...

There is seriously NOTHING like a good stop-light car dance. I'm so with you on that one!

melis & aaron said...

so, the new look happened when I couldn't go back to sleep. hope you like it. don't be surprised if I come back into your account from time to time and switch it up. :) i love you. You and all your DANCING goodness. I know, it is my secret dream to be a fantastic dancer. You? Already there, my friend.
love you.

The Bohmans said...

Em Snyder!!!! I peeked at your blog from Melissa's link and it makes me so happy to see your beautiful face! I completely agree with you on the dance movies! I'm a sucker for them but always feel so untalented after watching them. I have 2 very left feet.