Wednesday, March 12, 2008

dear, blessed anne of green gables!
the first time i saw this movie was at the golden's. from that moment on...that's the only thing i wanted to watch when katie and i would have sleepovers. it was a glorious day when we got out own copy...but we didn't have the second part.

then, i got the dvd set a few years ago for my birthday - or Christmas - hOrAy!!!
i haven't ever read the books (i know, i know), but melissa chalk had a book by l.m. montgomery called yesterday years or something. it was a bunch of little stories about the people of avonlee. i LOVED it!

next, i found a book in a forgotten classroom at geneva. it was Emily of the New Moon by l.m. montgomery. i definitely LOVED the the main character and i loved the story...and i loved that it was a series of 3 books! my family didn't love it, however, because when we flew to miss and aaron's house in san antonio for the first time, i was very much into these books....sorry team.

a dream come true would be in Prince Edward Island during the autumn to walk through all the trees and lanes like anne and diana did. tragically, i found out that most of the movie was filmed in toronto!! :( but i would still love to be there and imagine...

if you are a reading of this blog, you might have noticed that this dream is on the list from lake powell. as i made decisions about my life the past few weeks (i had to decide if i was going back to teaching or staying with the Relief Society general presidency), and decided to stay where i'm at and be a secretary, the reality of not having my summers set in. my mom suggested that i make plans to travel to a spot on my lake powell list...she threw out Prince Edward Island.

i looked it up. there is a site for visiting the island. under the events and calendar link...there was a link to anne2008...don't's the 100 year anniversary of ANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is where you'll want to go to see ALL the incredibly romantic things happening! july 3-6th will be the main events...and a county fair just like it would have happened when anne was there!

so, becca said that she'd go - i owe her for life! and we are trying to convince miss chalk to come too! if you want to join us...COME!!!

blessed, wonderful anne girl!!


Chels and Blake said...


How is my long lost academy friend? I found you through Dave and Tiffy! You look and sound great! I am excited to keep in touch through the blog world! I'm not very good at it but there is always room for improvement...right?!! Love ya!

Suz, Nathan & Kye said...

"Marilla, look at the puffs!"
"They're rediculous. You'll have to walk sideways to get through the door."
My favorite line from Anne of Green Gables. Em, I am so glad that I found your blog! This is Suzie from Geneva. I'm glad that you are fulfilling some of your dreams. You should have some breaks. I, too, looked in the the Prince Edward Island vacation and they sent me a ton of info. Sounds so great. Have fun! Keep in touch!

amie said...

It looks like you are being found by millions!!!

I just found you on Susie Egberts (jackson) blog. How fun! My sister said that she had gotten an email from you and I asked her to send it to me. She just barely did but now I have your blog!

I remember reading "Anne" during the summers growing up. My mom would make us spend a couple hours each summer day reading. My mom and my sister were avid readers but I would have rather played or hung out with friends. The only time I didn't protest to coming in for reading time was when we were reading Anne of Green Gables! I love the books and the movies. Have fun at Prince Edward Island! I can't wait to read about your adventures!

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marc, michelle and Jackson said...

I have beenin love with Anne of Green Gables since a little girl, when my mom read the book to me. I am a million times jealous about your trip! How fun is that?!

Nancy said...

Emily, I just knew we were kindred spirits! I love Anne of Green Gables, the only person I love more than Anne is Gilbert! He's so beautiful, I used to watch the scene where they kiss on the bridge over and over. Ha! I love it all. When I first met my husband one of the first facts I knew about him was that he went to Atlantic Canada on his mission (which includes PEI) I knew it was love if he had been to my beloved Prince Edward Island! He has promised to take me there someday, let me know if you end up going! Fun to check in on you, I love your new blog header, and I think it's awesome that you are staying with the R.S. first presidency, what an amazing opportunity, but giving up summers would be hard!

Nancy said...

P.S. I've never read the actual book either! But that doesn't mean I don't know everything about it from puffed sleeves to cherry cordial!

Mike and Elizabeth said...

I was just on Michelle Rasmussen's blog (my husband's cousin) and saw your blog! How fun! We were in the BYU 69th ward together, as well as Shakespear with Pro. Hunsaker (I think that's who taught that class). Anyway, it was fun to catch up with your life.
Your trip to Prince Edwar Island sounds dreamy! My sisters and I would come home at lunch and watch the deliriously romantic scenes over and over. Ahh, we love Gilbert Blythe!

Elizabeth (Hasler) Christensen

Brett and Lisa said...

All I wanted to do after I graduated from HS was go to PEI... alas, it never happened! This is Lisa! So, I need to scopp - from your blog I am gathering that you are not a teacher anymore... what is the deal? I am glad that you love you job though! Hope to hear from you!

Rebecca Snyder said...

yay for us!

Rebecca Snyder said...

yay for us!

koryandkatie said...

How fun!!!

Beach Bum said...

There is a new book out called "Before Green Gables" that I just finished reading. PEI is one of my favorite places in the world! We went for our honeymoon and I just love it! Everyone should get to go at least once! Enjoyed your blog!