Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Young Women Meeting

last weekend was the General Young Women Meeting. for soooo many reasons it was incredible:

1. i get to see the women who serve as the Young Women general presidency daily. they are real to me. they practice what the preach. they are warm, loving, uplifting, and powerful women. they love the Lord. they love their families. they love the Young Women. the doctrines of the gospel have shaped who and what they are. to hear their words of love and uplift and comfort and direction was a great blessing for a older young woman like me.

2. i missed my mia maids. tragically time doesn't stop for my "mia maids" are now laurels. but, the love and connection i have with these young women will last forever. there are so many moments that i wish life looked a little different for me because i want to be able to include them in the moments of life...

3. i got to see GENEVA GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had a grand idea - that someday i hope to have happen - to try to get tickets for all the girls i have been able to teach at Geneva. excitingly, the Conference Center, Tabernacle, Assembly Hall, and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building Chapel were ALL full! thus, i wasn't able to get tickets...but one day.

haley, haley, valerie, and jade were all in attendance!!! hooray that haley sorenson's mom had a camera and took our picture. =)

i had been touched a number of times in the meeting and had cried. so maybe the tears were easier to spill out, but as i had to say good-bye to these girlies, i obviously bawled! i miss them (especially these girls) and all my students and my would-be students a ton. i miss their energy. i miss their lives. i miss getting to have a direct influence in their thoughts and thinkings (scary responsibility i know!!). i miss their laughter. i miss being in the details of their lives. i miss crazy moments we shared EVERY DAY!

i will be back to the classroom one day. but i miss it today. i am realizing again and again how the principles of a great teacher are the principles of great people. the lessons i learned in trying to meet the student's needs have taught me priceless lessons about who my Father in Heaven is. and for these, i am eternally indebted to my beautiful, and wonderful Geneva kids.


Marissa Marie said...

I just wanted to say I loved those posts about the things your mother taught you. That was wonderful!

Anie said...

Awwww.... such a cute picture!!! I recognized Haley right away and in my mind I said her name. Can't remember her last name though- even though I can picture her mom, brothers, and everything! Valerie was in my 4th grade class right?? What's her last name? So COOL to see them all grown up! Makes me miss it...... teaching at Geneva, watching the kids grow up, having them come back to visit, seeing the fruits of your labors :) and of course walking down the hall to talk with my good friend Emily!!! I miss you!!