Saturday, April 26, 2008

MATILDA (mae or jane, they haven't decided what her middle name is) WOOD is finally here!!!!

if you know the snyder family at all, you know that we have been waiting for this little girl to show up for years!!! my mom has organized the boxes of toys with pictures on the sides for grandkids to easily find and play with many,many years ago....she has bought the target little lunch trays for her grandchildren many, many years ago.

the proud and tired mom and dad and baby - miss was in labor for 31 hours the doctor said... after waiting and waiting for her to dilate, they realized that matilda was too excited about coming and she was looking up instead of down - like she was suppose to! so a C-section was done (i don't think that is how i am suppose to spell that, but you get it, right!?). little tillie's (or tilley, who knows how it will be spelled!) face was a bit smooshed and extra red from the weird positioning she put herself into, but...she's a beauty nonetheless!

yep, miss made this cutest headband!!

as a first-time grandma, mom is more than excited...why is it that when i see mom cry, i start to cry too! i have never truly understood when people would say that babies are always a miracle...i finally grasp this concept...she is truly our happiest miracle! AND we get to call her tilley!! if that isn't reason enough to smile, i don't know what is!!
oh, maybe we'll be smiling even more when the little wood family comes to utah for almost an entire MONTH!! hooray~~

who wants to sleep when we are counting our "sleeps" till she comes!!


Brian & Emily said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congratulations!!!
Em, I was SOOOO excited when I saw a comment from you! Will you move to LA with us in June? Or maybe we can just come to visit Aunt Em in salt Lake ALOT?! Let me know which one works better for you:) Either way, this little boy will know and LOVE you. Of this, there is no question:)
Brendi Terry and I were roommates at BYU -- how do YOU know them?!! are they so fun and addicting? :)

Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

She looks just like Miss in that one picture! So adorable!

Emily said...

Em! I am so happy to have found your blog!!! Oh the joy!
Cutie looks just like her mama..I bet you are her favorite aunt!
Miss you!

Anie said...

What a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!! Tell your sister congratulations!! You're going to be the BEST auntie EVER!!!