Sunday, April 13, 2008

shockingly miss already has a beautiful dedication to becca on her blog. i'm not nearly as creative as the rest of the snyder clan, so i'll just give warm fuzzies. 20 to be exact...

1. master chef. the details of a meal never seem to overwhelm her.
2. read aloud to me when i had my thyroid removed.
3. stopped by institute last week to say hi and...
4. saved me from a very random and interesting boy...hmm. we have a pen as proof!
5. loves Truth.
6. has music ADD :)
7. received a talent award in the art program she JUST got accepted to...talent ooze out of her.
8. had the stores she was interested in visiting written down for her b-day outing.
9. gets frustrated with me when i loved spending money!
10. introduced me to the greatest movie ever...."the shop around the corner" - it's black and white!
11. will be my date to Salt Lake events that i want to attend, but don't want to be alone for...
12. held my throw-up bucket for me as i threw-up all the way down to lake powell after surgery.
13. doesn't roll her eyes at my cheese-y-ness.
14. understands my heart.
15. personifies being strong and immovable...doesn't let the thoughts of others sway her thoughts.
16. gets 98% of her tests at BYU...that NEVER happened to me.
17. has a perfectly classy yet meg ryan - you've got mail -style all of her own.
18. keeps many of her hurts to herself...mine are often vocalized, i am learning to keep them to myself.
19. is tough while remaining beautifully feminine.
20. is never afraid to venture out on her own.

becca, happy 20th birthday!

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Rebecca Snyder said...

oh you sweet thing. two blog posts dedicated to me. what more could a birthday girl want! Thanks! Love you.