Monday, April 21, 2008

so this last weekend, i made a quick trip to denver to visit the BaIlEy'S!!!
laura and i have been friends since 4th grade. she and jeff have been living in DC the last 4 years as jeff attended George Washington in Law - is it just a law school, i have no idea...
he has a "clerk-ship" in denver for the year and then they will be moving back to the east coast for him to work at a pretty great law firm (yep, he graduated in the top 10% in his class! how do people get to be that smart?!! wow!).

don't ask me what my bangs are doing...laura looks as beautiful as ever!!

while they were living out there, they had two adorably cute kids - alexa who is 6 and in kindergarten, BUT reading on a 3rd grader level!! and dallin who is the cutest boy in the world!

my family fell in love with these kids two summers ago while laura and the kids hung out in utah while jeff studied his brains out. we got to babysit them a handful of times as laura ran errands around utah about a great joy and blessing!! (alexa was rather sad that lizzy wasn't my daughter and that she wasn't coming with me to denver, but as soon as i pulled out the color wonder surprises i brought, i think i became her favorite =).....).

we had the perfect weekend! we went to alexa's soccer game - laura is the coach!! dallin and i played at the play ground for a bit. and when alexa was taking her turn on the sidelines, we talked and chatted =) (that's the way i enjoyed playing soccer games...kicking and running AS i drove my coach crazy!)

rockin' away!

talk about the super-woman, super-mom...laura's on the field coaching!!

chloie has pink soccer cleats! alexa has me!! =)

we are soooo into the game...

or sooo into our faces on the camera screen...

the soccer star that would rather be a ballerina or figure skater!

dad was trying to teach dallin how to count with his fingers....

mom was on the phone as we left the game and headed to the car wash

dallin cheesy-ing it while we get excited for the "colors" that go on the car!!

then went to the outlets for a bit before heading to the KiTe FeStIvAl!! jeff had bought a spinning kite, a barbie kite, and a cars kite. talk about fun! Windy. but very, very fun!

"let's go fly a kite! up to the highest height!!"

does she look like the pack-horse mom or what!? and yet she does it so beautifully!!

us and dallin...

us and alexa and dallin not wanting to be there....

that's where dallin wants to be...with DAD!!

oh the wind!

alexa in action!!

we sure love us!!

because i am such a sleepy head, i fell asleep watching "ice princess" after laura and i addressed baby shower invites she had made for 47 people! yea for naps! OH and we played with side-walk chalk both afternoons!


then laura and i had a night on the town! we went to the mall and i bought a khaki skirt - i have been looking for 6 months for one - and a blouse. then we headed to Cheesecake Factory. we were so hungry by this time that as soon as the waiter - very cute one - came to us, we instantly begged for the yummy wheat bread asap!!

we talked and talked and talked. it was better than even our memories. we have grown and become who we are in very different ways, but we have similar passions and have learned similar lessons. blessed little table at Cheesecake Factory.

sunday morning we got everyone ready for Church and headed in the same direction as the kite festival had been - the church house was directly across the street from where we had played! i love attending different wards. i think it is thrilling to see how uniform our services are throughout the world.

there was a powerful talk by a graduating Laurel. she was beautiful and inspiring. then, the Sunday School lesson was taught by an incredible sister. i had many spiritual ah-ha's as she directly applied the scriptures to our current and personal lives. i was humbled to be taught by a dedicated disciple of Christ.

and THEN, we got to go to Young Women! laura asked me to share some thoughts i had told her about a pioneer trek i had been on with her Mia Maids as part of her lesson that day. i love being with the women - regardless of the age - of the Church. i love to see their eyes light up when they connect with true doctrine. i love to see their lives change as they realize that they truly are daughters of the Heavenly King. so, when laura had asked me that morning to share some thoughts i had while i was on a pioneer trek, and share my love of journaling, i was excited. there are powerful, amazing women in the world, that simply need to know Who they are. when we truly know who we are, we then have courage to do all the best and greatest things to not only get ourselves Home, but to take lots and lots of people with us!!

as we went home from Church, i was grateful to have been deeply filled.
i was grateful again as i fell asleep on the couch, took a walk with alexa and laura looking for wild rabbits and then eating jeff's yummy chocolate chip pancakes for dinner! what more can a person ask for!?!?

all-in-all, it was a spectacular weekend. laura and i decided that our visits need to be annual!! hOoRaY!


Tamara said...

What fun! I'm so glad you got to go see Laura. I'm jealous when old friends get to hang out together. Any chance you're coming to the Minneapolis area??? :) Laura amd her family look great and so do you!

melimba said...

sounds so fun! i love that even the simple times can be exciting and good.
look how good you two look!

very fun, em. I'm so glad you got to go on a little adventure!
love you.

Rebecca Snyder said...

darling pictures. but no more leaving me for a whole weekend. ok? ok.

Laura said...

I miss you so much!!!!! The kids talk about their favorite aunt Emily all the time. I had so much fun. thanks for putting all the pictures up, of course my battery died. I love you so much and I can't wait to see you in August for your rockin' birthday bash!

Nancy said...

That is so fun that you guys got together, I'm jealous! Looks like a great trip, you are such an awesome friend, and I love "listening to you" when I read your posts. You inspire me Emily! And Congrats on your new niece, looks like she couldn't be more loved! What a cute name.

MKMT said...

emily, i saw your pictures on laura's blog - it was great to see you! you look beautiful, and are probably wondering who in the world i am. i met you freshman year, living in the same dorm as laura and autumn. random, but i remember 1. you were always SO friendly, making it so fun to be with you, and 2. you had adorable handwriting. so there you go! nice to see you - miriam.