Tuesday, May 6, 2008

this past week was BYU's Women's Conference. our little staff went to be the cheerleaders and smilies to the presidencies as they presented during the two days, May 1st and 2nd. We learned lots and lots as we listened, shared, and watched for a total of about 20 hours. we love being together and love getting to learn and grow and share with one another.

we even love being rather crazy together!!

dignified, yet sleepy!!

dignified and loopy!

just loopy!!


Anonymous said...

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lindsaypeterson said...

Hi love! As it rounds out the end of the year I am thinking about you and miss you dearly! What time and day is your Institute class on? I would love to come more regularly! :)

Rebecca Snyder said...

looks like fun!

S&F Seminario said...

I was there with my inlaws and wondered if you were way down there in the good seats. :) I loved it, especially Sister Beck on Friday morning! Thank you!

melimba said...

you and your chin shots! you kill me!
i haven't looked at your blog FOREVER! forgive! love all the dedications to sweet tillie mae. she wanted to have me tell you thankyou.

also, i love the crop job of matilda! ha! did you do that? or did becca??
I DIED! soo funny.

anyway, i love you. lots and lots! and amen to the loopy-ness, you goof ball.

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