Tuesday, May 13, 2008


my singles' ward went down to moab this past weekend. i was more than nervous to head down there. i know a number of people in the ward, but don't feel very close to them. moab is the out-door-lover's paradise. i do love the outdoors, but am not confident in much hiking, climbing, etc. and was worried.

kelly stoddard - who i don't even have a picture of! - came because i begged her to come be my friend. that was heavenly on saturday as she graciously came on the river with me.
but, i should clue in to the reality that when i am the most nervous about something, it tends to be amazing.

i drove down with 2 fun girls - natalie and emily - and we talked the entire time. we were in natalie's tent together and then rented a jeep for friday. natalie made a comment that has been running through my mind constantly since she said it. she said that she has never been with 3 girls and had no much fun and have all 3 get along so well and be so content - no one ever felt left out or not apart of things ( i remembered back to my elementary days...i was dear friends with 2 twins...lisa and deann harvie. i loved them - still do and have looked and looked for them... anyway, when it was the 3 of us, someone was always left out...). i agreed with natalie, as did emily and have pondered why that was.

i think it comes in part from the fact that we are very independent women...at least socially. we don't rely on a ton of people to be happy. and we had lots to talk about and lots to empathize and sympathize with one another about. we were all anxious to learn from and of one another. thus, we were very happy to be with each other.

thankfully emily loves to take pictures and did a wonderful job in documenting our time together. let me give you a run down of the weekend:

  • Thursday, 5 PM - on the road!
  • Thursday, 9 PM - arrived, sang "happy birthday" to brother christensen.
  • Friday, 8 AM - breakfast, rented jeeps (still in my pj's still!), showered, went into town and looked at shops, read for institute, slept, read for institute.
  • Friday, 1 PM - left to go jeeping!! i drove too!
  • Friday, 6 PM - washed and returned the jeep and looked at what movies were playing.
  • Friday, 8 PM - dinner, "devotional" and testimony meeting (i was asked to read a "scripture" that was originally about the seed of faith in Alma, but was asked to substitute the word tree with boyfriend.
    • And behold, as the boyfriend begineth to grwo, ye will say; Let us nourish him with great care that we may get a date, that he may grow up and bring forth diamond rings unto us. And now, behold it ye nourish him with much care, it will get you a date and grow up and bring forth diamond rings.
    • but if ye neglect the boyfriend, and take no thought for his goodness; behold he will call you for any dates and when the DTR of commitment cometh and scorcheth because he hath no depth, he withers away from you and you pluck him up and cast him out.
    • Now, this is not because the flirting was not good, neither is it because the diamond rings thereof would not be desireable; but it is because you just want to be friends and ye will not nourish the boyfriend. Therefore ye cannot have the diamond rings thereof.
  • Friday, 8 PM - Kelly and Scott and Kelly's roommate arrived!
  • Friday, 9 PM - a handful of us ran into town and watched Iron Man.
  • Saturday, 8 AM - breakfast, cleaned up camp, got ready for river run.
  • Saturday, 11 AM - RIVER!
  • Saturday, 3 PM - home again, home again, jiggidy jig!

cheesey, cheesey, chessey!

remember, we ARE camping! - OH there's kelly's head!

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Laura said...

Em, that looks like so much fun! I have never even been to Moab, lame huh? I am so glad that you had fun with your friends and that you felt so comfortable with them. Isn't it great when girls are just fun and not catty? I love the pictures, you look like a great driver!

The Sands Crew said...

What fun....will definetly have to take the boys there. They would love it

Boyce said...

Tons of fun. I LOVE Moab! I love the hiking and the river is always fun though it seems you have to paddle more than you actually get to ride the river...but oh well...all in good fun. Glad you enjoyed it!

Amy & Greg said...

Oh, Em!! I found you on Emily V.'s blog and had to check up on you. Love seeing the pictures of you and Miss. So fun!! Oh, Moab. How I miss Moab trips!! so good to see what you are up to!

Roma said...

Cool Em! I have never been to Mab! Next time when I come we have to go there!!!! Well, I planned to go to Moab in April but I didn't have enough time. So, hope to come to Utah again soon. You are coooooool!!! You look like a princes!!!!!!