Monday, July 14, 2008

on saturday, my dad and i went on his harley down to cedar city to say hi to my grandparents. larry, paul and jill live right there too. we had a little lunch of yummy kfc, and got our leathers back on for the ride home. my grandma was a bit worried that it took us about 6 1/2 hours to get home. but we drove through Cedar Breaks and Brian Head. it was beautiful. we were worried that we were going to get rained on, but we missed the storm. who knew that you have to stop every hour to let the blood circular to your rear-end!!

as soon as i get my own leathers and fyre boots, i will be an official biker babe. i think i will look for pink leathers :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

becca and i got back from PEI - Prince Edward Island - a week ago! Talk about the most beautiful place in the world!! i decided that everyone needs to get there at least once in their lives. i'll work on writing up an itinerary so that you don't have to do the research, but just enjoy!!

my camera was the quick and easy camera and we took pictures of all our meals - except the meal at Eva's Diner. i think it is self-explanatory as to why this meal was missed. it obviously wasn't memorable!!! but just because it wasn't taken, it has now become very, very memorable. but the people and town were probably even more memorable - and the man that followed us to the grocery store!! wow. summerside was a huge let down, but the musical of Anne and Gilbert was fabulous!! thankfully, Gilbert was amazingly gorgeous and amazingly talented. as was Anne.

too cute

last lunch - in fabulous and favorite north rustico.
don't ask how it's in this order, i'll fix it later :)

first dinner - lobster from the Lobster Wharf in Charlottetown.

we passed "Emily Lane" numerous times throughout the week, so on the last day, i had to get a picture of me and my lane. cute. :)

dinner on some night. we loved Charlottetown and loved Victoria Lane that was a mini street of Europe life. this was a jazz place that had a seafood pasta that becc was excited to try. and i had fish and chips - again - but loved them each time!!

just slightly surprised to find the the seafood pasta included OCTOPUS!!

becca's face the moment she tasted the 8-legged creature . . . she is much braver than i!!

the strawberries we pulled over to buy along the street when we tried to go to a concert on the east side of the island. when we got there, we debated really going because we found out at the door that each ticket was $20. but then, when we decided to go for it, we found out that you had to have reservations because the concert was at a cafe . . . live and learn.

outside our door at the Brackley Country Inn. yes, there was the island's drive-inn theater on the left of the inn and the island's miniature golf course to the right. talk about hours of enjoyment . . .but who cares when the cutest, funnest chairs are in front of our door. i loved reading out there late at night. too bad the mosquitoes loved that i did too. but i don't think the chain smoker man next door loved that i was out there . . . awkward.

the poster from the musical. yep. gilbert was just that dreamy!!

oh yes. can we all say "dreamy" together? why i didn't find him and convert him is beyond me!!
--more to come =)