Saturday, August 9, 2008

remember how my dad and i went to Cedar City on the Harley?

i know. i look oh so tough!

events of the past little while:
  • no longer teaching institute. i thought about continuing for another year and teaching Book of Mormon, but i think the right phrase here is "burn-out". i was emotionally drained with the time commitment it took to go to provo once a week to teach, on top of the mental energy to prepare. so the bitter-sweetness is that i am done with that powerfully impactful chapter of my life.
  • thus, moving home to alpine may become a very REAL possibility come the end of august. i want and need time to focus on me. that sounds so selfish - so single. that's a balance and fine line that i struggle with. i think it's a fine line that all people struggle with. if i don't put my self and my well-being first, then how can i be able to take care of others? i can't. so, i think i have hit the "gas gauge" on my energy tank and need to fill back up.
  • i have finally reached a point at work where i am comfortable. still very not perfect, so my bosses are saints, but comfortable in what i am doing. proof? i can wear a pair of nylons for a number of days - not just one - without getting a hole in them!!!! HOORAY!!! :)
  • i need to get an oncologist. the one i had 2 years ago isn't covered on my insurance. i am a number of months late in a body scan, so if you know of any great oncologists, holler!!
  • the big b-day party is coming up! 30 years of fabulous-o friendships! August 29th at my parents house. miss is the greatest and patient-est person ever as the date and time changed so many times in trying to figure out the very best moment to play!

  • my hair-stylist always asks what my hair goals are. =) just one of the many reasons why i like her! so, here is my hair goal: growing it out. imagine katie holmes cruise's hair but with bangs that are swooped to the side and everything about 3-5 inches longer. keeping it dark - it's thicker that way - again, who knew. and using thickening products.
  • lake powell! we went just with dad, mom, becca, liz, and i. we shared a trailer with the goodrich fam that consisted of brother and sister goodrich, laura, and doug. it was very, very chill. none of us are die hards. i realized how out-of-shape i am. lake powell was a very rude awakening of where i am not physically. last summer was my first summer after cancer. so i was patient with myself. this summer, not so patient :( but it was fun and relaxing nonetheless.
doug was scaling the wall, but the wall kept breaking off!

sisters, sisters . never were there such devoted sisters . . .

doesn't mama snyder look exotic?!!

cutest liz!! can you believe she is going into 7th grade!!???

love the slicked back look

too bad we didn't get mama snyder and mama goodrich with their shawls over their heads . . . it's a great look!

yep, we LoVeD the new tube!!

go lizzy, go lizzy, go!

tube wars are a great snyder tradition

okay, that's all i can think of for now. happy saturday!


meg said...

Fun stuff! So glad to hear that you are having a birthday bash! Can you believe we are 30? Seems like just yesterday we were counting down the days to 16 together! I'm trying to remember Stephen cool when old friends reunite.

Matt and Shari Bailey said...

Happy Birthday on August 29th Emily! At least you are just turning 30! I turn 31 in Nov. and I don't like where these numbers are heading! smile... Have a good one!