Monday, September 1, 2008

Talk about the funnest night ever! My family is incredible and totally selfless as they organized, planned, and created the most magical land so that i could invite so many people that i love to come gather. so many people wondered if Martha Stewart had planned and created everything - pretty much the answer is yes!! Denise, Meliss, Becca, and Lizzy were the master minds with the glorious assistance of Jana - the amazing next-door neighbor miracle (for soooo many reasons!)!!

People from all parts of my life were able to come:

  • my bro! he lives in salt lake and has lots and lots of social events, but he came to mine!!

  • mia maids (that are now laurels!!) left the high school football game to play with me

  • the teacher i student taught for . . . she taught all i wanted to be as a teacher and her name is reverenced at our home because she has reminded me who i am over and over again

  • past students who still make me smile and their dedicated parents who are AmAzInG

  • a friend from a single's ward in CO that i met a few weeks ago

  • grandma who i get to go on dates on now that i live in salt lake

  • young women leaders who still remember way back into the past when i was a laurel

  • friends from salt lake - who got lost because mapquest said we lived in cedar hills :(

  • bishopric members from salt lake who let me wear cowboy boots to church AND still let me teach gospel doctrine

  • efy friends who have taught me how to love the scriptures - including one friend whose name is in my journal so many times because i had the biggest crush on him

  • roommates from the apartment of happiness

  • treasured women from the Relief Society life

  • teachers with whom i have taught and for whom i will teach at a charter school for - just to be with them and only them!!

  • a friends i met while watching He-Man: the Movie last week and then loved as they karaoked the night away

  • the greatest "aunt and uncle" a person could dream for - they let me come "clean" their home when teaching and Church jobs get a little meager

  • security guard from the Church Office Building who just laughs at how random i am

  • and dearest home ward family members who are truly as family as they get in life. yep, it was a more than magical night!!

sister hatch who mentioned once that i should write a book, she doesn't care what it's about, she said if i wrote one, she'd buy it!! and the dennis fam who are basically the counsins around the corner
mom's counsin whose daughter is the secretary at geneva elementary - love that i had family at school . . .
goodrich's who shared the pure bliss of strawberries and crepes at lake powell! whit and miss and tillie - smile all around!!
kell - who knew that serving in Relief Society presidencies could create such friendships!! and sam whose sister is beloved at our home so we instantly became fans of him too, and his bff josh who happens to keep Temple Square safe and secure - i wonder if he brought his guns with him . . .
the greates fakest but most real aunt and unlce - david and deanna
magic hands and magic peaches come from martha and mom gets to chat with her!!
brother and sister norby - 2 of the richest blessings from my Relief Society blessings
sister cosper and i have the same b-day!! AND she was my young women leader. i love her!!
academy for girls and tiff's wonderful husband . . .
mr. stevie lind, my all-time favorite "damn" kid . . .
blaine and travis, 2 of my favorite reasons to be in slc . . .
mr. erickson and izak . . . a teacher's dream come true AND they made me my own font with my handwritting :)
the miracle neighbor who is THE CUPCAKE MAKER!!!! did you notice the CREAM inside every cupcake!?!?! holy cow, she is truly, truly, truly amazing!
my blessed girls - used to be mia maids . . .
miss, tillie, and the craig fam - one of miss' greatest friends, one of my greatest friends. don't worry, she had her baby a few hours after the party. yep, she was having contractions through out the entire party!!
the cutest baby in the universe - tillie mae wood - aka my niece :)
grandma enjoying the yard
masterful examples of motherhood: mom and grandma
too cute and too fun

needless to say, i am very happy to be 30 and so loving the incredible people that make the past 30 years oh so sweet!


Rebecca Snyder said...

hey nice post. I like when the pictures are little so you can fit more. Oh and with the Stevie thing you have to say "dam" or else you are swearing when you spell it the other way. But your blog- feel free to swear if you must. But I have just become more holy now that I am in the Holy Land- so I find it a little offensive. :)

Matt & Amie said...

Em, I am so glad your Birthday was so wonderful! You deserve it! Know I was there in spirit! :)

Heather's Fave Books said...

looks like you had a great time. BTW I just tagged you on the family's blog.

Scoresbys said...

Looks like just the right way to celebrate 30 wonderful years. I'm sorry I missed it. My parents have moved so it looks like we won't have any more random Alpine reunions. Oh, and it's me who owes you dinner. I'll treat you to dinner at 7/12 in Orem--my all time favorite Utah dining. And I'm due NOW! We're just playing the waiting game. We'll update our blog whenever he shows his pretty little face.

Rachel said...

Looks like your party was a HIT!! Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

{Mike + Amanda} said...

no YOU are fabulous! and, hello? this party? even more fabulous. how did i ever miss it? never again my friend, never again!

Tamilisa said...

Em! This looks like so much fun! I am so sad I missed it!!!! I'm glad to find your blog! See you around on temple square! :)

Anie said...

WOW!!! talk about party of the YEAR!!!! I'm SO SAD that I missed out!! Spencer, Madi and I would have loved to have been there. If only we didn't live clear across the country!! Happy 30th- you deserve the BEST!!! I was asking Spencer what he wanted to for his 30th and he wants to fly to Salt Lake for General Conference. That was his top choice over anything else!! He doesn't turn 30 until next October though, so I've still got a year to finalize plans. We miss Utah and all our friends there! I miss you TONS!!!! Glad to hear that you had an AMAZING 30th birthday!! Love you!!!

Heather said...

wait - whitney is in my ward. she's the cutest. is she your sister? i keep thinking she needs to be in yw with us. she gave such a great talk in sacrament meeting last month. i'll send you an invite to my blog.

Heather said...

oh - i just found your blog through betsy's. i love it!!! keep bloggin' lady!