Thursday, October 9, 2008

i need to apologize to becca - i know this is the main source of updates that you get in jerusalem, so for it to have been a month and a half since i did anything on here is not very nice. but i don't know if there has really be lots to report about - at least nothing to exciting . . .

i made a shirt like you!! i decided a few days before dad and i went to the BYU vs. UCLA game. Dad was wonderful because as i started, he came into the kitchen and said we were suppose to wear blue - but i was so excited about the shirt that day of, he wore a white shirt too so that i wouldn't stand out too bad. yep, he's the best. we rode the harley to the game and he bought the last car flag at the bookstore - he might have taken the one tapped with packaging tape to the shelf that was the display one . . .

sorry it's fuzzy! it's on the back in the top-middle.
it was my attempt to blanket stitch after i woner-undered the Y on.

i had a body scan to make sure thyroid cancer is still gone. it was an ordeal - note to self: don't try to be your own oncologist, the radiologists don't think you have the credentials. ;-) After finding a new oncologist and a few trips to provo for special shots, i had the scan and i am clear. i also had an ultrasound which showed freckles on my liver!!!!! don't ask me how in the world that happens. but i think that the newly married boyce campbell said it well when he told me, "you need to stop having weird things grow in your body!! They never know what's wrong with you!" :)

the greatest movie is out - Forever Strong. it has all that a girl wants - beautiful boys, inspiring story, tears, and a stipling warrior T-shirt!
it's good and clean and just makes your heart and eyes happy :) (AND it's based on a true story . . . the coach was a seminary teacher and truly coaches as Salt Lake's Highland High!!)

i am playing with the idea of going back to teaching - Junior High, in Texas.
Aaron, Melissa, and Tillie will be out there for one more year and i have been in utah for the last 12 years . . . i think a breather is a good idea. i am going out to visit the wood family the beginning of november. miss said we could go around to schools in san antonio and austin. i just spent $200 for the texas office of education to reveiw my utah teaching certificate and decide if i am qualified . . . i'll keep ya posted on the results.

other than that, life is pretty much the same old story. i don't get to be gospel doctrine teacher anymore because my last sunday in the EMC 19th ward is this week. i am pretty sure i will go to the university 41st - they take in the Brigham Apartments where i live on south temple. always interesting to start a new ward.

peace out.

ps becca!! great engagement photos of the couple in jerusalem!!!!!!! isn't there another couple too? do you get to do their photos also???


{Mike + Amanda} said...

holy crapola, emily snyder. why do i work 12 feet from you and feel so disconnected?

maybe i saw that shirt and choked as i drank. why? because it brought back memories of lunch... and us mocking the placement of words on a certain shirt! so many giggles. i only had my mind to create the shirt, and now i have the real deal to look at! very cute:) good placement, my friend. ok. enough. it's like i never see you anymore, i have so much to say...

melimba said...

you go, girl!
i love that you are coming SO so soon.
good post.
i love it.
and the shirt??? AwEsOmE.
triple awesome.
love you.

Long Family said...

Maybe you should skip teaching altogether and just make Tshirts!
(It would be much more fun)! I love to hear about what you are up to xoxo Betsy

Rebecca Snyder said...

Hey. darling shirt! Love love love the stitching. Sounds like our dad to wear the white with you. Maybe if you have comments for my blog you should just put them on the comment part of my blog instead of doing a blog post... ha I don't know.

Laura said...

That shirt was so great! You are way more talented than me. Teaching in Texas? Why not DC? I will be here indefinitely and the singles scene here is awesome. Virgnia has some great school. You would love Alexa's school. come on it would be so fun!!!! email me with the fun story that you wanted to share and really consider teaching here!

Jenefer said...

Em- We would love to have you here in Houston!!!!I would guess you would be more inclined to go to Austin or San Antonio. BUT if you did come to Houston we could hang out all the time and it would be oh so much fun!!!!!