Thursday, October 30, 2008

i slept over at home last night. with mom gone to her quilting show in houston, i have gone down to be around to help with dinner and lizzy's costume for tomorrow!!

i "stole" this ribbon from a friends wedding last year and wore it around my waist last halloween. i liked the look and decided to do it again in preparation for tomorrow. with becca in jerusalem, i am sleeping in her big bed instead of the twin bed that i typically sleep in while i am at home. as i walked out of her this morning, i saw a flower in her jewelrey bowl. i figured it was close enough and thought i'd do something with it. it seemed a little more formal if i wore it on my blouse itself, so i threw it on the ribbon.

and can we talk about compliments!!! wow. a beautiful lady with blonde hair whose large office is just down from mine LoVeD it and said we were going to be twins! and the cafeteria lady thought it was great and the board did too!

so thanks becca!! hope you are okay that i didn't get a chance to ask you first!! ;-)


{Mike + Amanda} said...

NO WAY!! i swear i just saw some stellar chick in the SAME outfit, stealing cookies (coincidentally matching this same outfit) like 30 seconds ago. what are the odds? it's a creepy time of year, that's for sure.

Devon and Brooke said...

i love are super creative! i also really loved your byu shirt - you should sell them! love you :)

Rebecca Snyder said...

Oh my goodness you stole my flower!! Nah, it's ok. It looks good.