Tuesday, October 28, 2008

no idea of what to write an entry about, but because i have been checking melissa and aaron's about boston updates and becca's about life updates, i figured if there was anyone checking mine, i should write something about something!!

this weekend is miss chalk's annual HARVEST FEST!! it is truly one of my all-time favorite events! she and i decided long ago and the fall is the best season ever. so, she being martha stewart's more righteous twin (you'll never see miss with that "prison anklet"!)
i am sure miss and courtney's displays will look ten times better than this - no creepy faces on their pumpkins!! they always have a fabulous gift to make and take. AND the most divine food EVER! my goal is to make homemade rolls and grab Lehi bakery orange rolls for it. I'll make the rolls when i help dad pass out halloween candy friday night.

Liz is going to be a fairy. She and mom made a tutu on the way to cedar city last weekend. incredible hailee mae is home from milan and we went to see her and hear her speak at church. she in wonderful! dad is now sick and tired of the tutu. it has found it's way to most every room in the house and last night, he was ready to toss it! ;-0

the trip to cedar was fun. jesse drove down and saved me. i was so tired and he helped keep me awake on the way down and on the way home, he drove!!! love that! we talked lots and he shared lots of music that he loved. we are hoping to find a place to live together in a few months.

it's low income housing for poor people - that's me!! but it's in good sections of town. i have seen this building, and had no idea what it was. interesting. we'll see if anything can happen there. we'll see if jess can wait for me.

i go to san antonio a week from TODAY!!!!!!!! i get to play with miss and aaron and tillie!!! hooray!!! hopefully it will be full of seaworld, outlets, sleeping, holding tillie so miss can get whatever she wants done, and just FUN! miss said there is a single's conference, so if i feel comforatble, i might go. =)

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shauna said...

Hi Em! So when and where is the harvest fest? Maybe I can invite myself if my calendar is open??
And what is Aaron's blog address? It's fun to try and keep up with you people that have exciting lives...