Thursday, November 20, 2008

before i start this entry - hApPy bIrThDaY jordan justin randell gardner!! i think i will forever feel bad that i ruined birthdays for many years with the haunting of the pine hollow balloon bouquet. truly a sign of a real friend - you didn't hate me for very long!!

okay, the post:

11 years ago, i worked at a boy scout ranch. philmont is the disneyland of camping - according to one of the head guys in charge when i was there.

i had applied to be an Academy for Girls counselor (the 12-14 girl's program that used to exist before EFY) for the summer after my freshmen year. i wasn't accepted and i was heart broken. my dad, being the wonderful heart healer that he always is, started helping me think of other adventures i could have that summer. we had a few ideas and was accepted at one, but it didn't feel right. time was growing short and we remembered philmont!

we had gone to philmont as a family a few years before and i loved it there. they had a church service on the site which was one of my biggest worries with the other job - no where to partake of the sacrament. i hurried and applied and was accepted!!

i headed out to cimarron, new mexico on the greyhound bus - for stories of one of my dad's favorite nights, just ask him how much he loved having his little girl on the bus for 16 hours straight!! =) with living in a tent, sleeping with a skunk, wearing scout shorts, and going to church EVERY SINGLE NIGHT - i think i earned enough time that i didn't have to go to church for 2 years after that - and not-to-mention having my first and then my second kiss, philmont was a grand adventure in my life!

one of the greatest realizations i had while wearing clashing green fabrics every day, was that people liked me just for me. it didn't matter if i had cute clothes, cute hair, great skin, thin legs, or that i was a nerd, people liked me just for me. nothing more, nothing less. it was a thrilled discovery.

there were a number of people that impacted my life and thoughts. one in particular shaped a number of my thoughts. i don't remember us hanging out lots while we were at philmont, but we wrote to each other - consistently - for quite awhile. i think we talked a number of times as well. the thing that i appreciated about him was that he was dedicated to religion and high standards. it gave us a powerful basis for out conversations. although he was catholic and i am mormon, we valued pretty much the same things.

i sent him a Book of Mormon and he sent me a Catholic Manual - a 100 year old book!! i was suppose to send it back to him. in the thousands of moves, it never happened. jerk, i know. i found the book again a few months ago. and guilt set in.

how could i have had this sooo long?? i tried to find him. facebook, google, white pages, etc. i even started calling people with his last name in kansas (where he is from) to see if they knew him. nothing. i just about paid for one of those searches that always pops up to find someone's criminal record and everything about them.

i had an old address of his parent's home. i sent a birthday invite to it, thinking it was probably a black hole of an address (i had tried the address on reverse look-up and it said it didn't exist!). i wasn't expecting to hear anything and i didn't.

last saturday morning, i checked my email and saw that an annoymous person had commented on my blog. i was a little nervous because someone wrote a not-so-nice comment on my sister's blog and left it as annoynmous. hestitantly i opened the comment. shut up - it was my friend from philmont!!!!!

he had gotten the b-day invite when he visited his parents house in september. he forgot the invite at the house. he called his mom to get the address two weeks later, but she had thrown it away. last saturday he randomly thought about it and thought he remembered something about wildflower. so he googled "snyder wildflower utah". TAH-DAH!!! he found dad's family page, which led to mine!!!

we emailed back and forth for a bit and now we are offical friends on facebook!!! wow. talk about fun miracles!!!

ps don't worry, i am sending the book back asap!!!
pps if i get brave, i'll scan in pictures from philmont. you'll see why it was so thrilling to think people liked me for me - the pictures are HiDeOuS!!!


Katie and Brandon said...

You're so dang nice... thanks for your comments on my blog! Life is still not the same at Geneva without your voice! I hear you're going to Disneyland with Jenni and Lindsey... jealous!!

Haylee said...
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