Monday, November 10, 2008

hooray for san antonio!!!
hooray for aaron and melisa!!
hooray for TiLLiE!!

i have been with the texas branch of the wood family in texas the last almost week - and talk about heaven! i overlapped with mom's visit for a day. i was going to go to a job fair - in order to have no regrets, even though i knew i wasn't going to try to teach (LONG story, but the reader's digest version is that texas said i wasn't highly qualified to teach. it cost me 200 bucks for them to tell me that, and if i want to be highly qualified, i'd have to pay more to take tests and then more to pay for a certificate for a year. joy). ANYWAY, i decided to skip the job fair and go shopping with the girls instead!! they weren't going to be able to go if i went to the fair, so i decided to be unselfish and go shopping ;-)

mom left that afternoon and miss and i went to enrichment. they were having a service auction. because i hadn't contributed, i wasn't invited to bid. that was fair. but the Relief Society president had contributed, but wasn't going to bid, so her daughter said i could bid for her. lovely! i won a pie from the very daugther that invited me to bid!!! and can we talk about a divine apple pie??? she is incredible and amazing.

the next morning, miss and i went to the Guenther House for breakfast. :) becca and i realized how much i love going out to breakfast while we were in PEI. it was heavenly! we had gone to the historic flour mill when the entire snyder clan had some to visit 2 years ago. anyway, yum!!
we then tried to explore the artist commune across the street, but weren't very successful. they were having a big show that evening so only one gallery was open. so our next attempt was to explore boerne! fabulously successful!! quaint and charming with gloriously fun shops. we explored and bought and explored some more.

that brings us to saturday. we all had the privilege of cleaning the church!!!! for an hour we joined the righteous girls who joined us and had it all done! then we stopped to grab lunch items at the grocery store, ate in the car, and went to SEA WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE sea world!!! i love the shows! i love to see how the magnificent animals are so graceful and awe-inspiring. it was wonderful!!

we stopped at Rudy's BBQ (running into marin and scott phillips - CrAzY!!) before meeting up with some of aaron's friends from dental school and their families.

sunday was a marathon day - church, a baptism, youth choir practice. we were worried that dinner in the crock pot was charred, but aaron was inspired and had set it to low :)

today was a nothing day - but miss and i made a magazine paper chain like the one we saw a at store in boerne (thanks Fly Paper!!), decorated glass ornaments, and made carmel apples :) all while eating papa johns pizza and watching stupid movies (so stupid we had to turn them BOTH off. sad.).

and tomorrow i go home :(

it has been sooooooo good to just be. sooooo fun to make tillie smile and just get to hang out with miss. how i love my sisters. love that they are the greatest friends. love that we are Little Women.

hooray for texas!!

(sorry the pictures are out-of-order. i'll fix them tomorrow!)


Boyce said...

so no teaching in Texas? What does that mean? I wanna hear the story. Sounds like you had fun...and why pray tell is my blog still not on your blog list? My blog is fun dangit!!! :)

{Mike + Amanda} said...

you wore jeans? how immodest. i'm telling the presidency.

COME HOME! sometimes i run to your desk and just stare at the dark space in silence... "emily??"

shauna said...

So cute! Looks like it was a blast.

Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

I love that you were so crafty! Good job you ... and that is one stinkin' cute baby!

Amy said...

I love reading about all the fun you're having in life! You are inspiring! When when do we get to play??? XO

Ian Tarrant said...

You took a picture of Shamu. Having been to Seaworld myself many times - I do recall that they tell you not to take pictures. All the flashes and clicking noises make for craky killer whales. I learned this the hard way when one came over and spalshed our section because a family from Utah came down and kept taking pictures. I really don't remember that experiance and honestly - I've only been to Seaworld once (Orlando), but I still hope you laughed and smiled a bit since my state said you're not highly qualified to teach. Sad, but we are the greatest country, er I mean state in the nation. ;)-

Tim and Melissa said...

Wow! You guys were so busy while you were here! You did things here that I still haven't done (namely Guenther House for breakfast).

I too wish we could have hung out more while you were here. I'm continually impressed by the Snyder family and you are definitely one of the main reasons. You are amazing and so darn sweet!! Count me in on a temple trip next time you are here. Melis and I have talked about going to the temple together but still haven't done it. Come back and visit soon!

Rebecca Snyder said...

so jealous! looks like fun.

Katie Zarbock said...

Fun trip! How cute are you and how cute is that baby! How the heck are you? We need to play and get caught up!