Wednesday, December 31, 2008

on each auxiliary has a website. on the Relief Society site, the presidency invited young adult sisters to participate in an act of service and tell them about it.

i met a new friend at my mission reunion a few weeks ago. we were both needing to get to utah county from salt lake so we went together. as we drove, i talked about my fears of taking the GRE that next week. go figure this new friend had taken it and had done pretty well. he had recorded a lot of the difficult vocab words so that he could listen and study. not expecting much since he had just flown in from chicago, i asked if he had a copy with him. =)

yep, because he is remarkable, he totally had them on his computer. so we went to my house and he downloaded them for me!! i listened to these words over and over the next 3 full days at work until i took the really fun test!

the reason i mentioned the call for service from the Relief Society site is because although this new friend is very much a man, he wins the service award for the year (nope, there isn't really an award that the presidency is offering, but if there were, i'd make sure it went to my friend . . . )!

let's just take a minute and list his great efforts in the last few weeks in my behalf:
  • GRE words
  • taught me that i don't need to pump the brakes on the ice - that was for the last generation of cars. who knew??
  • patiently editing my essay drafts.
    • he gives positive feedback and yet is honest with what should be deleted.
  • taught me how to play wii tennis.
  • let me knock him out a few times in wii boxing.
really, i have read all the service young Relief Society sisters have participated in, and this russian-serving friend totally wins.

thanks ty!

Monday, December 22, 2008

just a quick shout out to my beautiful boss!! she told the other secretary and i that we should stay home tomorrow!! HoOrAy!!! thus, the goal for the day will be to get my Stanford essays done!! well, done enough that i can ask people to read, and re-read, and re-read again. :) peace out Relief Society Building, hello HOME!!

the "prompts" are basically to prove how i - my background, my experiences, my culture - will add and uniquely contribute to the Stanford class. so i will be working on my word choice to explain why they desperately want and NEED me in their program!

if you have any ideas, feel free to holler!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

so a quick update:

last saturday, the 13th of december, we had a mission reunion. president and sister daetwyler were in town from switzerland. it's been about 8 years since i've seen them. love that they remember me so well. such a hidden blessing for coming home sick!! the BEST part was that em van dyke got to spend some time together!!

how lame are we both for forgetting that mike and i both served in st. petersburg!! i was standing there loving that i didn't know anyone and in walks mike!! i was ThRiLLeD!! THEN in comes EM!!!!!!!!! em and i were roommates before and during when she and mike were dating. needlesstosay, i LOVE and miss her lots!! mike was so good to be our apartment boyfriend and take care of things we didn't want to - taking out garbage, carrying heavy things, etc.

blessed, blessed reunion!!
me, em, and em's little girl aliva
me with president and sister daetwyler :)

Then - i took the GRE last night!! the best part is that i decided over thanksgiving weekend flying home from my friends house in california that i wanted to apply to grad school. but the application for Stanford (yes, you read that right!!) is due january 6th.

thus, i needed to do the speedy course of study!! so, like any brilliant person, i grabbed GRE for DUMMIES!! it became attached to my hip for the last few weeks!! but don't worry. because the dummy book and i became such great friends, i totally looked like this girl taking the test!! :)

we'll see if i really get in. i decided that even if i have to apply every year for the next 10 years just to show them that i am dedicated, i really want to get there. so, i may have no other life, but studying, but oh well!!

next, BECCA GETS HOME TOMORROW MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i bought 6 dozen cookies from the cafeteria today so that we can give all the BYU Jerusalem kids their first taste of home when they get off the plane (miss' idea!). i am so excited for her to be home. i have missed her lots and lots. AND miss and tillie get home tonight, well early this morning!! hooray!! i love having everyone home!!

finally, these were quotes that i found or were given this week. i referred to sister beck's quote in one of my essays for the GRE last night. :)


To nurture and feed your family physically is as much an honor as to nurture and feed them spiritually. A young mother will build faith and character in the next generation one family prayer at a time, one scripture study session, one book read aloud, one song, one family meal after another. She is involved in a great work.

Julie B. Beck, “A ‘Mother Heart’,” Ensign, May 2004, 75

"My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at His feet." Harijan, July 21, 1940 Gandhi

Sunday, December 7, 2008

i often think the most annoying song at Christmas time is the "twelve days of Christmas". beautiful, yes. fun, yes. long, yes. we decorated the Christmas tree last Sunday and we have beautiful ornaments to represent each of the days, but i don't understand when the twelve days begin. is it on december 1st through the 12th? does is start december 12th and go through the 24th? or the 13th to the 25th? who decided it was 12 days? soo many questions.

BUT the snyder family needs to start a new song today - 12 days of becca!! because it is just 12 more days until she is HOME!!!! don't get me wrong, she has absolutely LoVeD her time in the Holy Land. and we have LoVeD hearing her stories and hearing about the new friends she has made. but we are more than excited to have her back, making new recipes, randomly giving lizzy hugs, and her just being here!!!

so my version of the annoying Christmas song - which does it really have AnYtHiNg to do with the Savior's birth? - which will not be annoying because it will be about BECCA is going to go something like this:

on the first day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her loving and adoring her one niece!

on the second day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her 2 long, black, crazy, Sunday nap sox.
on the third day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her chatting with her 3 favorite sisters.

on the fourth day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her 4 sizes too big "house jacket" of mom's!
on the fifth day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her 5 american girl dolls (still dressed up for PEI).

on the sixth day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her 6 drawers of jesse (with all the random words everywhere that she loves!).
on the seventh day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her 7 family members.

on the eigth day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her love for 8 back-porch, bar-be-qued steaks (for the fam, not just her).

on the ninth day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her 9 money lectures.
on the tenth day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her 10 hundred scooter rides.

on the eleventh day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her 11 crazy recipe experiments.
on the twelfth day of becca, our family has missed a lot, her 12 shrimps, and counting...

can ya tell we miss her?!?!