Wednesday, December 31, 2008

on each auxiliary has a website. on the Relief Society site, the presidency invited young adult sisters to participate in an act of service and tell them about it.

i met a new friend at my mission reunion a few weeks ago. we were both needing to get to utah county from salt lake so we went together. as we drove, i talked about my fears of taking the GRE that next week. go figure this new friend had taken it and had done pretty well. he had recorded a lot of the difficult vocab words so that he could listen and study. not expecting much since he had just flown in from chicago, i asked if he had a copy with him. =)

yep, because he is remarkable, he totally had them on his computer. so we went to my house and he downloaded them for me!! i listened to these words over and over the next 3 full days at work until i took the really fun test!

the reason i mentioned the call for service from the Relief Society site is because although this new friend is very much a man, he wins the service award for the year (nope, there isn't really an award that the presidency is offering, but if there were, i'd make sure it went to my friend . . . )!

let's just take a minute and list his great efforts in the last few weeks in my behalf:
  • GRE words
  • taught me that i don't need to pump the brakes on the ice - that was for the last generation of cars. who knew??
  • patiently editing my essay drafts.
    • he gives positive feedback and yet is honest with what should be deleted.
  • taught me how to play wii tennis.
  • let me knock him out a few times in wii boxing.
really, i have read all the service young Relief Society sisters have participated in, and this russian-serving friend totally wins.

thanks ty!


{mike.amanda} said...

you beat a BOY boxing?? you're so amazing. mike beat me. my arms kill for nothing. BOOOOOOOO.

i like you. a lot.

bryce and sarah said...

Hey dudette! Have I told you lately that I love you..r blog? I do. I still pump the breaks on the ice too! Hey, I went private on my blog, so if you happen to have your most recent email available to email me, that would be fantastic. And Becca's too. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

Laura said...

Em, how did the test go? I want to hear all about it and what your plans are. Stanford? You are so smaart. Call me we need to catch up.