Saturday, January 31, 2009

ever have the moments that you literally thing your heart has broken?? i had one of those last night and it was a powerful moment with me and my faith. do i really believe God? do i really believe that He won't give me anything i can't handle? do i really believe He has the best in mind for me? do i really believe and hope that He wants me to be happy? do i really trust where He leads me? am i really willing to love when i am empty??

thankfully, the answer to all these questions really is yes. beautifully and wisely He allows the pains and anguish of life to mold and shape and deepen us. who knew? sometimes i just do what i do and forget the power and reality of His love and His Atonement to heal and comfort me. thankfully the comfort is never what i want. in fact, thankfully life is never what i want. but He wants more than i want. so i'll cripple through the heart-handicapping moments until i get to be the person that will be worthy of being Home with Him, forever. 

happy moments today - i get to teach institute again!!!! i finished my sweatshirt that i have been embroidering on. i want to do another mini triathlon. my family is amazing. and hard moments allow you to eat whatever you want!!!! :)



Nikki said...

emily you are an amazing and strong person!! I look up to you much!! I want your attitude on life!! And you totally deserve all the pizza and ice cream you can handle!!!

Emily said...

LOVE YOU. LOVE CHOCOLATE, and CPK. Love your faith and commitment to forge ahead with are amazing. call me.

{mike.amanda} said...

ben & jerry's. "everything but the..." remember me talking about that during devotional? i hope that tides you over until i get back and hurt whoever needs to be hurt. good? good. you're amazing and i love you.