Monday, January 12, 2009

just a few updates of life:

so, my friend, dave nasal, told me about this book. he said be was interested in my thoughts about it. funnest past is that the author was a member of my stake presidency in salt lake. president featherstone has been more than generous with his comments about my teaching. his wife is incredible. their family is spectacular. needless to say, i was thrilled to read. little did i know, however, that this would truly be one of the most incredible books i have ever read. there were moments i couldn't stop crying - yes, i am really good at crying. but the characters were real. the experience i had with handel and because of handel was life-changing. if you want to be uplifted in powerful ways, read this book. i'd let you borrow my copy, but i have markings and notes and underlinings ALL over the place. sorry.

last week, i went with a friend to Body World. i was worried i was going to freak out. but maybe it was because my friend i and were talking so much or because it was fun to be with this friend, but only wigged out when i saw the animals. they were just so sudden and i wasn't prepared for them. it was incredible.

this isn't a bun on her head, it's her brain!! but i couldn't figure out how they got it out in once piece . . .

last week, i also got my Columbia application in. both Stanford and Columbia don't notify applicants until march. i'm also looking into applying to Boston College and Ohio State University. love that i have told people, because if i don't get in, that will be really fun. :) but, there will obviously be a reason and more options.

in efforts to help my application process, my dad surprised me with an INCREDIBLE new surprise! it has been fun exploring all the tools and options on the macbook pro. and even more exciting to know that i have sooo much to learn about it!! anyone want to take a community ed class with me to know more?? :)

tomorrow, i'll find the pictures we took in our matching Christmas pj's. they are MORE than fun!!

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