Tuesday, January 13, 2009

oh, i was talking with a friend the other day about motherhood. she asked me to write down some of my thoughts.


• Our attitudes towards motherhood:
o Dealing with the mudane = find the moments children can share with you. So many conversations happen while doing the drudgery moments.
o I loved being an EFY counselor. I was able to teach doctrine, and yet show the youth that being righteous can be fun and joyfull!! But I wanted to teach more than the youth and I wanted to find others that needed what the Gospel could bring. When I served a mission in Russia, I wanted to have a dance with our youth. I wanted them to have a mini-efy experience. I realized I could create mini-efy moments as a public school teacher. But as I taught, I realized that my students could have great non-denominational efy moments, but if they didn’t have a home in which they could practice the things I, as their teacher, were teaching, they couldn’t truly become more. Thus, I realized, a mother is the dream job! Only through motherhood do I get to teach the Gospel – fully – the fun, the doctrine, the peace and give my family a refuge in which they can practice and create righteous habits.

• That when we are happy and know that our callings our sacred, our actions change toward our children:
o Many of my low-income students had to be in charge of their meals, their bed times, their homework, etc. their parents didn’t or couldn’t care. They weren’t able to experience safety. They didn’t live with security. There was always a worry in the back – or front - of their minds that mom might not come home.
o Children that have the security and safety of a mom who wants to be with them, a mom who holds firm to standards, a mom who teaches and creates good habits in her children, a mom who creates order (not perfect order – gag!) allows her children opportunities to become.
o When children’s thoughts are full of worries – what to eat, where to sleep – how can they learn to enjoy?
o Our children may very well be the men and women who usher in the Savior’s return. Will they be ready? Will they be strong and confident men and women?
o Are we teaching our children the way and the things we would have our grandchildren know??

• Talk about focusing on the most important things:
o What are the important things?
o Abraham sought for greater happiness, greater knowledge, greater peace. Joseph Smith told Emma to write out the blessing she would want Joseph to give her, and he would sign it. What type of deep pondering did Abraham and Emma have in order to find what they TRULY wanted? What do we truly want? What are the things are so important to us that they fill the details of our days??

• Gratitude affects our happiness as wives and mothers:
o Wow that the Lord trusts us with His chosen spirits! Spirits He needs loved, trained, encouraged. What an honor. What a great, great honor.


Heather said...

emily - thanks so much for posting your thoughts on motherhood. sometimes i think we all get 'stuck in the moment' of our lives. i think in each stage of life we are wishing for the next step and we aren't fully enjoying where we're at. your thoughts helped me think through my attitude and how i really want to be as a mom. plus - your afg, mission, efg paragraph was great. that is so what we can make it with youth, children, families that we are teaching. you're awesome.

and way to score big on the computer. how fun! good luck with all your applications. good things will happen - no matter what!

Amy said...

Love your thoughts -- Love you!