Saturday, January 17, 2009

project - ing.
that's what i am doing right this second. working on a project. :)

a few years ago i went through a hooded sweatshirt stage. i think i bought one of every color possible. my family really enjoyed the moments that i put my hood up and wanted to just disappear for a while. ;-)

i have a pink hoody that i spilled some clorox on. as i was cleaning things out a few months ago, i realized i could stitch fun designs over the clorox spots. my sister becca first inspired us to the idea of stitching on clothing when she went on a Church history tour a few years ago. for 3 weeks, she was on a bus with about 200 recent high school graduates. to pass the time, she stitched on a t-shirt. when she got home a days later, we were THRILLED that she had done such beautiful work!! i have been envious of her peronalized t-shirt for years - and then she MADE ONE FOR ME!!!

when melissa was here a few weeks ago, we were wowed and blown away that she can just start drawing lines and it be something beautiful. OR start just cutting out felt and it be incredible leaves or flowers. soo not fair. how i didn't end up in the line in heaven that she did?? just to prove my point, let's check out some of her work at

so although i don't have the talent miss has oozing out of her finger tips, i am sitting here -
stitching and pretending to make something cute out of the cloroxed pink sweatshirt. wish me luck!!!

p.s. can we talk about the applebee's maple butter blondie?? friday night, even though i was filled to the brim with yummy olive garden minestrone soup and breadsticks, i could fully enjoy the yummiest packed into the little piece of heaven . . .


{mike.amanda} said...

what if i'm still in that stage? maybe the second i get home from work, a hoodie is on within 5.4 seconds, and frankly, doesn't leave my body until... monday morning? don't judge me.

you're so creative. have fun!! oh, and now i want dessert at 8:06, thank you very much!

squeezeme said...

Hello friend, Please ask me the circumlocutious way I if found you on the blogosphere the next time we see one another. You simply delight me! So when are you going to come on over to visit with me and Matt?

Rebecca Snyder said...

hey yeah. shirt looks good :) when do we get to see the finished hoodie?