Friday, February 27, 2009

Justify Full
so at work, there is a little cafeteria where i work. there are a number of morning that i just need a chocolate fix. thus, i run over between 9:30 - 10:30 AM and grab a chocolate cake doughnut. heaven!

BUT, the most traumatic moment happened this past monday morning!! we were informed that the cafeteria will be CLOSED in the mornings!! that means no random chocolate doughnut moments!! this closure happens as of monday, march 1st. which means, today was the last day to get a doughnut.

so, like any normal and sane woman who knows she will be losing something she loves, i stocked up!! and got three. :)


Monday, February 23, 2009

there are thousand moments when i feel like i am luckier than i should be in this thing called life.
i felt this feeling this morning as i watched the Second Counselor in the the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - President Uchtdorf.

wow. i understand this is also available on YouTube. bless this Church. bless those striving to become more, to create happiness.

lucky, lucky, lucky.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

happy beautiful almost spring saturday!

i am sitting in the living room, after cleaning my apartment, doing pilates, and eating an egg that the egg-master - otherwise known as dad - made for me, ready to work on a talk. BUT before i do so, i wanted to document the FaNtAbULoUs night i had last night. no, i didn't meet the man of my dreams. no, i haven't heard back from stanford. no, i didn't win the lottery. something that currently is much, much, much more exciting than any of those options . . . my PURSE arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what purse you ask? just the purse i have been subconsciously dreaming of for my entire life. i'm thinking that finding a man to spend eternity with just might feel something like what i felt last night as i opened the box, hoping that what was lying just fingertips away was really and truly worth the money i spent and the time i searched. was this really going to be the bag that i would want to carry with me ALL the time? would it hold all the random items i feel are necessary for daily living and still be stunning and beautiful quality and the classic piece of living i would love for the rest of my days? would i have the bitter disappointment of having to rebox and return the poor choice i made, just to go back to the drawing board and start the search again? would i be disappointed in tony perotti's make and efforts of a bag and forever think of him as a mediocre bag designer and then think less of the italy that i love?

all these questions swam through my mind as i sliced the packaging tape around the large box. hope surged through my heart and pumped to my fingers as i lifted the large bubble wrapped object from the cardboard. as i slowly and someone fearfully unwrapped the little pockets of air i realized my hope may be merited! my prize was housed in an extra green drawstring bag - almost just to show the care sweet tony took for his creations. goodness, if tony made sure that this leather lovey was wrapped with his love, it must be everything i dreamt about, right?? dad walked over for the unveiling (so many comparisons could be made to the search for the man of my dreams right now. dad "supervising" the find??). before i could take in the visual beauty, the air was filled with the pure and uniquely italian smell of leather. oh wow. this is real!! and then. the bag.

words will never be found to express the joy. pure. sweet. joy that causes smiles to overflow. plastic covered the handles - yet another hug from tony. (these handles allow were another witness that THIS is truly the bag for me - they are the absolute perfect length. i can swing it onto my shoulder with the top of the bag just barely under my elbow as i swing - i am sure you can hear me singing, "HeAvEn! this is HeAvEn!"

what lead me to coming upon this gift from the gods? my wonderful father. i was presented and gifted with the most incredible macbook pro just days after Christmas. where i will ever find a man like my dad is a mystery to me. he gives and gives in ways i can't comprehend or understand. his love is constant and life changing, while all the while, being the source of stabilizing life. with this "expensive piece of 'furniture'" i have been given, i needed a bag to protect, cushion, and equal the magnitude of this gift. thus, began the search. blessed internet let me stroll and hunt site after site. until, last saturday morning - i suddenly woke at 6 am. looking back, it must have been orchestrated from above. i updated my quicken account, studied my finances and continued my technological search again.

and here is the result of such orchestration!!!!!!!

my heart is filled. i am at peace. thanks to my little (okay, if you know me, it's not-so-little) red bag.

ps the past few weeks have been rather fun. i have started teaching institute again. how i love it. i love the preparation i get to have and then, the insights gained while teaching. it's the one area in which i am okay to be in selfish in. then, i was called to be in the Church's Curriculum Resource Committee. i get to review Church curriculum items - manuals, magazines, etc. and give my feedback and comments before it goes to print (i think. i start on tuesdsay and will have a better idea!). and on sunday, i was asked to speak in our alpine stake conference. not just the saturday session, but the sunday morning session. crazy. very crazy. but exciting thoughts through them all. and in just a few more weeks, i'll get to know if i was accepted to stanford - i'm sure i won't get in this time - and will be able to make some plans for how to get in next year. hooray. happy day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

yesterday, saturday, february 7, 2009 (fun day because the month - 2 - plus the day - 7 - equal the year - 09! LOVE that!) was a great day.

in the morning, becca, lizzy and i went to the alpine stake enrichment. it was incredible. the stake relief society presidency planned in in conjunction with the general relief society meeting. they used Elder Uchtodorf's talk about creating happiness. sister murphy came and spoke about revelation and listening to the Spirit. then, there were creation stations where different sisters shared ways they created happiness. these stations were in the culture hall - along with a brunch table, AND an assembly line station to create 160 pot pies for the homeless shelter. wow. it was amazing. it was everything an enrichment was to be.

then, my friend kyle came over. we ran to the store to get ingredients for taco salads. we chatted for awhile, made dinner, and watched anna and the king. if you haven't seen it in awhile (don't try to find the movie at the american fork blockbuster - they don't carry it. you'll need to go to hollywood video), you may watch to remind yourself.

i recognize that i am kind of weird because i love to learn lessons from movies. it was wonderful to watch the power and influence of a school teacher upon the lives of her students. i loved to see how the king helped her change her thinking and put her in her place. they were open and honest with one another. they were safe to tell each other hard things. cool. i also love to find when the characters in the movie fall in love. anna and the king fall in love lots of little moments. :)

of course i reminisced about alpine junior miss . . . it took us a while to figure out what my talent would be for that pagent. finally, we - yes, it was a family effort - decided i would sing "whenever i feel afraid" from the king and i. i had a hoop skirt an everything!!!

had a problem with the scanner - sorry it's upside down . . . i'll work on that!

oh such memories! the entire point of the song was that whenever you feel afraid, you're suppose to whisle a happy tune. minor detail is that i can't whistle. so my ingenious mom handed me a kazoo. it was perfect! :)

okay, enough of memory lane. moral of the story, yesterday was a great day!

ps i worked on planning my institute class schedule. have i mentioned how excited i am that i get to teach again?? the class has 5 - 25 people that attend. we'll see if we can get a frew more. i went to an institute activity on friday and recruited 5 more people - we'll see if they really come. ;-) if you find yourself with a free wednesday evening - come to class!! 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm at 824 west 800 south orem. in the south building. hooray!!