Friday, February 27, 2009

Justify Full
so at work, there is a little cafeteria where i work. there are a number of morning that i just need a chocolate fix. thus, i run over between 9:30 - 10:30 AM and grab a chocolate cake doughnut. heaven!

BUT, the most traumatic moment happened this past monday morning!! we were informed that the cafeteria will be CLOSED in the mornings!! that means no random chocolate doughnut moments!! this closure happens as of monday, march 1st. which means, today was the last day to get a doughnut.

so, like any normal and sane woman who knows she will be losing something she loves, i stocked up!! and got three. :)



melimba said...

yes please. you can send me one.
thanks. :)

those really do look heavenly.
think of me on the 2nd one. :)
love you.
call me on your way home... I need to hear about last night!

Laura said...

What was last night?! and I am so jealous that you get BYU creamery milk! Not so much into donuts right now, but I do looooove creamery chocolate milk. Wish I could be there to have some. I hear 7-11 sells good chocolate cake donuts if a need should arise in the future. Love ya:)

S&F Seminario said...

It takes a certain kind of woman to give chocolate doughnuts their full credit. Thank you. Just another reason you are a kindred spirit.

Rebecca Snyder said...

I am sorry about the donuts.