Sunday, March 15, 2009

big new if the week . . . you just may be seeing this in my room within the next 12 months!!!!!
because the Teachers's College of Columbia University just AcCePtEd me!!!!!

i received an email bright and early monday morning, march 11th, from stanford. tragically, they informed me that they were unable to accept my application at this time. i was sad. i almost cried, but i didn't. i went on with the day and life and my life thinkings.

wednesday afernoon, just after lunch, i received an email from columbia. i was sure they would say the same thing as stanford, so when i read the words, "congratulations!" it took everything i had to swallow my screaming (remember how i work in that really really reverant Relief Society Building?? yep, screaming isn't exactly allowed!)!!

the crazy part is that because my eyes were so set on stanford, i hadn't done too much research on columbia (i know, who does that??). i felt so strongly that i needed to apply to stanford and felt like it would be so wrong to just apply to ONE grad school. so i threw in columbia. lame. again, who does that??? obviously, me.

thus, when i realized New York City could be a very real part of my future, i got online and had to look up how long the Curriculum Development and Teacher Training program is - it's 12 months. AND i had to figure out tuition - yep, it's just $1, 085 per credit and i need 32 credits making it over $32,000 just for tuition!! BUT i did just find out that President Obama is an alumni. maybe he'd be willing to give me some of that bailout money!! :)

the deadline to accept the offer is may 15th. so from now until then, i am thinking and pondering and desperately trying to read my feelings about going or not. if you would be willing to pass around jars to invite people to donate to my education cause, please let me know. i figure it might be my only way to get there!!

crazy. just crazy.
Gooooooooo Lions!!!! (does Columbia even have sports teams??? if they do, are they good?? i have soo much to learn!)


Emily said...

CONGRATS!!! You are amazing. Truly a great adventure ahead of you! We NEED to get together. XOXO!

melimba said...

i love that we don't know anything about columbia, (lovely) but I fully support you and your life decisions.
love you.
love me.

{mike.amanda} said...

wait, we can't scream in here??

Laura said...

Apply for every scholarship and apply for grants and see how far that gets you. Call the placement office and ask them how high their placement is and what they think starting salaries will be and then you will be able to see how long it will take to pay back loans and stuff. Having married Jeff I am well versed in what his salary needed to be in order to pay off all of his loans. I want you to make an informed decision and then make it and go for it. I love you and if you do end up moving to NYC you better believe I will be up there to see you!!! Way to go Em.

Amy said...

Congratulations!!!! That is no small feat! You're fantastic and things will work out perfectly -- they always do when you're Heavenly Father's favorite! :)

Kirsti said...

Congratulations Emily!!! That's fantastic! Way to go!

Jill said...

Congrats! That's my last area on my mission! Yippie! I hope that you attend and then maybe we'll see each--finally. :)

I'm proud of you, Em!

Eva said...

hi emily. i just figured out that you are melissa and jesse's sister. cool. and the ivy league? that's huge! congrats!