Sunday, March 22, 2009

happy sunday night.
i should be asleep - i hit the beginnings of a bad cold this weekend. canceled most all my plans yesterday to sleep. but just had a mini nap today.

so why am i awake? dear david - wife of rachel - lovingly (promise that i took it lovingly, david) commented on my picture that had previously been on this little blog of mine.
for some odd reason he felt that my eyes were just a little PsYcHo!! which i totally agree with! so, while i was thinking about it, i changed it. too bad i don't have real current pictures. the one i replaced the psycho picture with was one i did with photobooth a few weeks ago.

NO PHOTO AVAILABLE. Denise said it was not so cute! :)

today, my hair is in a traumatic state. so, i don't dare take anything. someone remind me that i shouldn't be my own hair stylist and that snipping sections of hair each morning isn't always the wisest plan of life. that's all i'll say about the matter - other than to add that i was ready to chop it all off today and re-start the growing out process. i still might . . . mary jones (yes, she's married, but she will always be mary jones to me - sorry jon!) informed me that katie holmes now has extentions. so much for attempting to look like her. somehow the church doesn't pay enough for me to have the spa treatment katie did. dang it. i sooo need a life sponsor.

new topic. really quick. here's a confession (if you have looked at my facebook account activity the last two days, you may have already gathered this tidbit of info about me . . ) i love the facebook quizes. i am always trying to define me - to figure out what my personality is. i love the chinese year of the rat or horse or pig, i love horoscopes. i love the color quiz. not that i always believe them, but because i like to find out more about me ( i KNOW, the scriptures are suppose to be where i go . . . but this is fun too. moderation. i promise i am not weird!)

so one of the quizes i did today was what color is your eye or something like that. and wow. i feel like it is pretty right on. i agree with everything described here, except the angry part. moody, yes. angry, i don't think so. but maybe my family disagrees?

Your eyes reflect the color Pink. You are a person who wears their heart on their sleeves. You are full of emotion and have a tendency to be very open with people. You adore the simple things in life and refer to them as "gifts". You have an aura around you that radiates how loving and caring you are. You spend most of your time trying to make others happy. You also try to focus on yourself as well. You are also very supportive and sensitive. Because you are so emotional you have a tendency to also be very depressed and can be devastated by a loss. You can also be moody and angry at times when people disagree with you. In all, you are Emotional.

what do you think???

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melimba said...

i love this, "in all, you are emotional"---nice.

love you.