Monday, April 27, 2009

a few picture updates!

mom and our favorite female makeup artist

lizzy got her hair done while we waited for becca to have her BeAuTiFuL makeover!!

stunning eyes!

model material!

the easter bunny!!

the birthday girl!!

the partial family of the birthday girl

the mama, happy that her girls are crafting!

the model

the designers

the struggling crafter (me) with the pro (miss)

yes, that is MY strawberry shortcake can. :) such sweet memories. it is now the button tin.

i happily and relieved crafter.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

i can't spell. i am a mess. and now Columbia knows it.
i emailed the admissions office to see if i could defer for a year. too bad the email's subject was "DIFFERING". BUT it was okay for a minute because i got an automated email. so they didn't see that i can't spell!!

tragically, the next day, i received an email from the assistant dean of the admissions office. dang. he gave me information about deferring, yet saw that i spelled it "differing". i am sure that he was wondering how in the world i was accepted.

that makes what happened last week even crazier.
i was awarded a $13, 000 scholarship to columbia!!! bizarre.

but, my all-time-favorite home teacher doug goodrich, is just more than slightly upset with me for NOT taking the scholarship. even if they had awarded me all the money i needed for the year-long program, new york isn't the place i am feeling i need to be right now. most importantly, it isn't the place i want to be right now.

thus, i will be teaching at a brand new charter school in the daybreak area. the school is early light academy. i get to teach 7th and 8th grade english and be the mentor teacher for all the other junior high teachers. i wanted to study curriculum development and teacher training in grad school, and with mentoring teachers and getting to be on the curriculum committee for the church, i get to practice BOTH of these areas!!

in other news, we swam in the new pool this past week!!
it was AMAZING!! a friend came and hung out on saturday. we went on a little mountain stroll, went swimming - even in the rain, chatted and just had a wonderful time just being. he has a waterproof camera and so we played with it in the pool a bit (he got to borrow one of my dad's swimming suits that was just a little too big. great pics of that!). maybe if i can bribe him, i can get a copy of the fun pictures!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

General Young Women Meeting

this post is so late. the General Young Women Meeting was the week before conference, March 28th. but here are the pictures.

me, sister norby, sister farnsworth

liz and mom

liz, mom, and em

us again. :)

liz and maddie
jana, maddie, liz, mom

i had been sick that week and still wasn't feeling too well on saturday, the day of the broadcast. but i was so determined to go. sister pam norby lives near us and didn't have anyone to go with, so she came with lizzy, mom, and i. we had two extra tickets and we grabbed maddie and her mom jana who live up the street.

sister farnsworth lives in salt lake, but didn't have any girls to go with her, so we saved her a seat. needlesstosay, we had a party!! lizzy and maddie were so patient as i chatted with people that i love from the Young Women board.

we finally went to dinner at about 9:00ish pm. the girls wanted Olive Garden. i voted for them since they were so nice to me. but i think we were all exhausted by the time we ate and got home. yet, it was so worth the time and the memories. thanks girls!!

ps i found these pictures when becca got home from jerusalem. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

blessed conference.

miss and i went up saturday morning. incredible. i ended up staying for saturday afternoon and then went back all today as well. i don't know how the families who are in general callings do it. i am exhausted.

i learned lots and lots and lots. good personal insights. maybe i'll scan my notes. i remembered again how weird i am - i have to have a journal with no lines. i feel too claustrophobic when i confined to lines. i write out phrases or words that stand out to me and go all over - in every direction.

sister bagley and her husband where at conferene when miss and i got there so we sat with them - and the norby's and featherstone's and van wagenen's. talk about some of my very favorite people in the world all around. because we were sitting by each other, i tried to save us all seats together for the afternoon session while they all ran to eat (i packed a sandwich). i almost got all the seats, but a pregnant lady sat in the one of the ones i was saving and i didn't know how to tell her to move it. :( so the norby's split up. i felt bad!!

sister bagley

today, sister bagley was there early and saved me a spot. so nice. she was so nice about my "cute" notes. little does she know that Academy For Girls and Kelly Platt taught me all my "cute" note skills!

today's afternoon session, i got to tag along with mike and amanda petersen - and i can just shout how much i love them?? they crack me up on a daily - yes, that's how lucky i am, i see them daily!! - basis. AND then i got to have moments at conference with them. wow.

i was wearing a little felt flower that i half made saturday night. we actually had a "craft" night somewhat during priesthood last night. and i actually participated!! after much moaning, miss finally cut the flower shapes out for me. but i did do the leaves and sew all the pieces together. i wore my flower today and had a number of compliments! as becca texted me, "see, crafts are fun!" who knew??

i'll find the pics we took last night and get them on here asap.

peace out.
ps it was fabulous to meet becca's friend lindy tonight!! we have been hearing lots about this fun friend and tonight we met her in living color! too bad i was ready for bed at 8:30 pm and then came over to the apartment to find it in DiSaStEr mode! i forgot that i had just thrown things around this entire week because i was so tired with Relief Society trainings until 9:30 PM. so i am finally in bed ready to sleep. blast.