Monday, April 20, 2009

General Young Women Meeting

this post is so late. the General Young Women Meeting was the week before conference, March 28th. but here are the pictures.

me, sister norby, sister farnsworth

liz and mom

liz, mom, and em

us again. :)

liz and maddie
jana, maddie, liz, mom

i had been sick that week and still wasn't feeling too well on saturday, the day of the broadcast. but i was so determined to go. sister pam norby lives near us and didn't have anyone to go with, so she came with lizzy, mom, and i. we had two extra tickets and we grabbed maddie and her mom jana who live up the street.

sister farnsworth lives in salt lake, but didn't have any girls to go with her, so we saved her a seat. needlesstosay, we had a party!! lizzy and maddie were so patient as i chatted with people that i love from the Young Women board.

we finally went to dinner at about 9:00ish pm. the girls wanted Olive Garden. i voted for them since they were so nice to me. but i think we were all exhausted by the time we ate and got home. yet, it was so worth the time and the memories. thanks girls!!

ps i found these pictures when becca got home from jerusalem. :)


melimba said...

great pictures!
fun fun times.

love you.

Rebecca Snyder said...

a little blurry, but still fun!