Sunday, April 26, 2009

i can't spell. i am a mess. and now Columbia knows it.
i emailed the admissions office to see if i could defer for a year. too bad the email's subject was "DIFFERING". BUT it was okay for a minute because i got an automated email. so they didn't see that i can't spell!!

tragically, the next day, i received an email from the assistant dean of the admissions office. dang. he gave me information about deferring, yet saw that i spelled it "differing". i am sure that he was wondering how in the world i was accepted.

that makes what happened last week even crazier.
i was awarded a $13, 000 scholarship to columbia!!! bizarre.

but, my all-time-favorite home teacher doug goodrich, is just more than slightly upset with me for NOT taking the scholarship. even if they had awarded me all the money i needed for the year-long program, new york isn't the place i am feeling i need to be right now. most importantly, it isn't the place i want to be right now.

thus, i will be teaching at a brand new charter school in the daybreak area. the school is early light academy. i get to teach 7th and 8th grade english and be the mentor teacher for all the other junior high teachers. i wanted to study curriculum development and teacher training in grad school, and with mentoring teachers and getting to be on the curriculum committee for the church, i get to practice BOTH of these areas!!

in other news, we swam in the new pool this past week!!
it was AMAZING!! a friend came and hung out on saturday. we went on a little mountain stroll, went swimming - even in the rain, chatted and just had a wonderful time just being. he has a waterproof camera and so we played with it in the pool a bit (he got to borrow one of my dad's swimming suits that was just a little too big. great pics of that!). maybe if i can bribe him, i can get a copy of the fun pictures!!



{mike.amanda} said...

can i come play? maybe when it's... like... warm outside? :)

melimba said...

ok, no fair that I WASN'T there to inaugurate the pool!!!
you're all dead to me.

ok, not dead to me anymore.

great story. i'm proud of you.

also, the classic LIZZY pictures with the goggles AND plugged nose=priceless.

Logan and Emily said...

Cool pool! Oh and don't worry...Doug will get over it!